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9.21.20 – Week Of Action- Round 4! Let’s Seal The Deal! Extend The Payroll Support Program Now!

Monday, September 21, 2020

Save American Jobs – Extend the Payroll Support Program!

Ours actions—calling, emailing, tweeting, handwriting letters, harnessing the media, rallying across the country—have made the Payroll Support Program a top priority in the next COVID-19 relief package. This is no accident; it is a direct result of our collective actions. We have support in Washington, but now we need Congress and the President to act. We are too close to let up now. Keep up the pressure this week and tell Washington to #SealTheDeal.

APFA members alone have generated over 55,000 messages to Congress in addition to tens of thousands of calls to their Senators and Representatives. APFA members have been published in newspapers across the country, from South Carolina to Nevada. We have carried our message directly to Capitol Hill and to Senate offices nationwide.

How Will You Fight This Week?

Week of Action #1                 Week of Action #2                 Week of Action #3

We have many methods to contact our Representatives. First, we must continue to drive thousands of calls to Washington every day. Call and write your two Senators and your oneRepresentative each day. Then, contact Washington leadership who should be at the negotiating table. At times, you may have felt that your calls and emails were falling on deaf ears. Far from it. The volume of calls and emails that we drive to Washington is why we are so close to extending the Payroll Support Program and will be how we #SealtheDeal.

Call your Reps (every day)
Email your Reps (every day)
Tag and tweet
Post photos and video
Handwrite letters
Submit ‘letters to the editor’
Attend #ReliefNow events

The past few months have taken a toll on us in more ways than one, but now we have 9 days to make this happen! This is it — this is the final push to save our jobs. Time is running out. We are calling on all Flight Attendants and aviation workers to redouble our efforts. Let’s tell Congress to #SealTheDeal.

You can take daily action from home, a layover, or even on sit time. We are 27,000 strong. So, let’s drive 27,000 calls to Congress each day this week.


Call and Write Your Representatives

The Power of Social Media

Your Representatives pay attention to social media, in fact, they might be intimidated by its power. And there is a major election right around the corner. The more you post, the more they hear. Use your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to tell your Representatives that we are watching and keep the PSP trending. We are not just numbers —we are real people.

You are the face of the furlough. Post your pictures, from a picketing event or in uniform, tag your Representatives that should be keeping your best interests in mind, and use the hashtags #FacingFurlough #ReliefNow #ExtendPSP #SealTheDeal

Example posts:

  • [Tag your Reps] Save my job! Negotiate NOW! Extend the aviation Payroll Support Program soon before thousands of US jobs are lost on October 1. #FacingFurlough #ReliefNow #ExtendPSP #SealTheDeal
  • Flight Attendants and aviation workers are facing mass layoffs on October 1 if Congress does not act soon. [Tag your Reps], pass #ReliefNow to save my job & healthcare! #FacingFurlough #ExtendPSP #SealTheDeal


Tweet your Reps! Twitter is a highly effective political tool, so if you tweet, post a photo, and make sure to include Washington leadership @senatemajldr @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @stevenmnuchin1 @MarkMeadows @realDonaldTrump.

Attend #ReliefNow Events This Week

Example Script for Your Calls, Emails, and Letters

My name is ______, and I am an American Airlines Flight Attendant and an APFA Union member. As your constituent, I am asking for your help to save thousands of our jobs.

Time is running out. Aviation workers need a relief package now. Without it, mass layoffs will happen on October 1st. My access to healthcare depends on passing this bill. Our economy depends on the connectivity that aviation provides. Keep us flying forward, not backwards.

Both parties in Congress and the White House understand the importance of extending the aviation Payroll Support Program, but I need you to urge your colleagues to pass a stimulus bill before the deadline. I am counting on you to save my job.

APFA Members Sarah Smoak and Emma Durband write to their Representatives and Washington leadership. And so can you!


Together, We Can Drive Thousands of
Calls to Washington

Call and Write Your Representatives

 APFA National President Julie Hedrick – PSP Address

Tell Congress to Extend the PSP (7.30.20)

APFA National President Julie Hedrick – Involuntary Furloughs
Extend the PSP to Save Our Jobs (8.26.20)

In Solidarity,

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