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12.01.20 – Upcoming Base Officer Elections

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

  • Upcoming Base Officer Elections
  • 2021 Base Office Election Timeline
  • Candidate Town Hall
  • Paperless Candidate Booklets
  • Changing Bases on January 31, 2021?
  • Update Your Address With APFA


Upcoming Base Officer Elections

Since taking office in April, I have been working on updating and making changes to the balloting and candidate process. The upcoming base officer elections will begin with the electronic willingness-to-serve posting on December 15, 2020, and conclude with the ballot count on March 5, 2021. National Ballot Committee policies and procedures are guided by the APFA Constitution and Policy Manual, in addition to the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959 (LMRDA) guidelines set forth by the Department of Labor. Every change and update goes through a careful review by APFA legal counsel and our local representative at the Department of Labor.

2021 Base Officer Election Timeline

Candidate Town Hall

On January 14, 2021, at 4:00 pm CT, APFA National Secretary Josh Black and I will hold a virtual candidate town hall. All candidates are encouraged to attend to learn more about the entire election process and ask questions.

Be sure to check out the elections page on the APFA website as we move closer to Base Officer elections. I will be adding more information as well as a link for anyone who needs to request a duplicate ballot.

Paperless Candidate Booklet

To bring your candidate information to you in a more efficient and paperless way, the candidate booklet that accompanies your ballot will now be available to all members on the APFA website elections page. February 3, 2021, the day the ballots are mailed, you will access your candidate information through a link on the elections page. This link will also be printed on your voter information sheet which will accompany your ballot. Candidate information will be available to you 24 hours a day throughout the balloting period. You may print the information from the website.

The paperless candidate booklet will save APFA between $13,000.00 and $17,000.00 in printing and postage costs, depending on the number of elections.

Changing Bases on January 31, 2021?

For the members who will be changing bases by either base closing, displacement, or voluntary transfer on January 31, 2021, per the APFA Policy Manual Section 14.K.5, your Base Officer election ballot will be sent for the base in which you are based on the day the ballots are mailed, which will be February 3, 2021. For base officer elections, I am already working to ensure you will receive the correct ballot for your new base.

For any member interested in running for office, the APFA Policy Manual Section 14.J.3 states that you must be permanently based at the base you apply to represent on the date the ballots are mailed to the membership.

Update Your Address With APFA

The National Ballot Committee asks every member to make sure that we have your correct mailing address to receive an election ballot. Even though you may have updated your address in Jetnet, the Company does not share that information with APFA. This is especially important for members who moved within the last year or had issues receiving a ballot in our most recent election.

You may update your information with APFA by visiting > Member Resources > Update Your Info.

In addition to updating your information, this form also allows you to sign up for APFA hotlines. If you have issues logging into the APFA website, you may contact the Membership Department at 817-540-0108, ext. 8153.

In Solidarity,

Peter Kent
National Ballot Committee Chair

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