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12.24.20 – APFA LGA Base Brief – Return of Furloughed Flight Attendants

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Return of Furloughed Flight Attendants

We are thrilled the Company has announced the recall of all furloughed Flight Attendants. Our stated goal and hope from the first notice last summer of the need to furlough was that our furloughed members would return quickly. We recognize everyone that had a hand in the successful efforts in pressuring Congress to pass payroll support. All your emails, phone calls, those of you who walked the picket lines encouraging your congressional representatives to support this critical legislation, have finally born fruit.

We all have many questions about how and when all members will return. Please continue to keep your finger on the pulse of developments by reading every communication sent out by both APFA and AA.

We have said it before, and we say it again, 2020 has been a grueling year. With just a few short days until the calendar turns to 2021, we are optimistic that our furloughed members’ return and the distribution of the vaccine are harbingers of a year that brings us back to some sense of normalcy.

We take our hats off to those of you who have been working throughout the pandemic. You have endured the loss of many cherished trips and destinations, long sit times, unending four-day trips, reserve obligations, and many other hardships. Those of you who have been on furlough, we are humbled by the sacrifices you have made. Having to pick up and move, seek alternate employment, and navigate unemployment claims are only some of what you have been through these months. Living with so much uncertainty was not easy. We salute you.

We are hopeful we can approach the return of the furloughs with compassion for what they have had to undergo. Experiencing Reserve and trips, we would have never flown previously should instill a sense of understanding and care for what the most junior members of our workforce live through. Let us welcome them back with open hearts and arms.

We send our warmest wishes for a joyous Christmas, a Happy Kwanzaa, and a prosperous New Year for us all!!

In Solidarity,

Robert Norvell
APFA LGA Base President
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