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1.03.21 – APFA MIA Base Brief – February 2021 Preliminary Staffing Numbers

Sunday, January 3, 2021

February 2021 Preliminary Staffing Numbers


For February, the Miami operation is down 51.7% YOY and will see an additional 3% drop from January’s schedule. We continue to be impacted by COVID cancellations in our International operation, which is contributing to the reductions.

We will see a significant decrease in the number of Reserves needed for February, as compared to January. Our Reserve percentage for February will be 14.5%, this is 140 less heads than January which represented 22.7%

The line average dropped from 83.7 hours in January, to 81.2 hours. This drop in line average will absorb the lower reserve percentages, and level the flying out for the additional 148 Lineholders. There will be no VLOA’s offered for the February bid month.

I will update you on what the flying will look like for February when we have our allocations call next week.

Below are the staffing numbers for February 2021 as compared to January 2021 and February 2020. Please keep in mind that the February 2021 numbers are subject to change.

In Solidarity,

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