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1.05.21 – APFA BOS Base Brief – January 2021

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

APFA BOS Base Brief – January 2021

Happy New Year, BOS! We hope that everyone had a happy and healthy holiday season. As we begin 2021, there are a few things to share with the base.

First, we are very excited to welcome back our furloughed Flight Attendants. The process to recall 7,985 Flight Attendants will take some time. The initial group of 3,000 will be bidding in February for March. We will be seeing many familiar faces return to BOS beginning March 2nd. Second, as many have heard, Stacey Rochelle (FSM) will be taking on a new role at American as the Service Manager, Premium Guest Services, overseeing the Admirals Club in Boston. Until her position is filled, please reach out to either FSM Michael Buscemi, or Base Manager Elena Salinas.


APFA is hosting a special Virtual Town Hall for Flight Attendants being recalled from furlough on Wednesday, January 13, 2021, to answer your questions. For those unable to attend, this event will be recorded and posted on the APFA website after the meeting ends. You may submit questions in advance of the event by clicking on the image above. During the event, you will also have the ability to send in questions.


Flight Attendant COVID Exposure numbers remain high. If you see a red line and removal code 13 on your schedule, that indicates pandemic leave. Daily Ops will reach out- so be sure to return their call. Pandemic leave information may be found on Jetnet, should you become exposed outside of work or test positive. More information may be found in the recent APFA Health Department hotline here.


We understand that Reserve is new to many Flight Attendants in BOS. Reach out to Amy, Kelli or APFA HDQ if you have questions or need assistance on Reserve.

Q: What is ROC? Do I have to bid that?

A: Remain on Call – Yes, ROC is a bid. RAP is a preference. The best analogy we have seen is when you bid for a trip in PBS or TTS, you don’t just put in your preference for positions. You bid for a Sequence first, then your position preference. Always ROC before you RAP in your Reserve bid.

Q: Where do I view Reserve reports?

A: There are several daily reports that are helpful on Reserve. Go to Crew Portal – Reports: 1) ROTA Future Process – shows the 1500 ROTA run in seniority order, who was awarded/assigned sequences, standby or RAPs. 2) Daily Callout Report – Assignment Sequence – shows the Callout order for a Sequence when you are on a RAP. It is listed by RAP, Group (Days Available), ASG (Clicks) & Seniority. 3) Daily Callout Report – Assignment Standby – shows the callout order for standby when you are on a RAP. It is listed by RAP, group (days available), standby (‘clicks’), & seniority.

Q: Where do I confirm my Reserve assignment from ROTA?

A: Crew Portal – You have until 2230 HBT to confirm a sequence or standby for the next day, unless you are flying during the acknowledgement window. If you are flying, you are required to acknowledge your next day assignment no later than one hour after release from your current trip.

Q: Why did someone junior to me hold the RAP for which I bid?

A: Legalities are considered before seniority.


This month, Massport will relocate airport employee parking from the Terminal B parking garage to the central parking garage. This change impacts all airline employees. Massport anticipates the changeover to occur in mid-January 2021. When this date is announced, a CCI message will be sent to all BOS Flight Attendants providing instructions and garage access information. Please refer to the December 18, 2020 CCI Message from BOS Flight Service for additional details and documentation needed. If you have questions, email


The APFA National Ballot Committee posted the Willingness-to-Serve (WTS) for Base President, Base Vice President, and Base Council Representative (BCR) for BOS, CLT, DCA, DFW, LAX, LGA, MIA, ORD, PHL, PHX, and SFO.

click image to enlarge

Click here to access the online Willingness-to-Serve form on the APFA website

The APFA National Ballot Committee posted the Willingness-to-Serve for the position of Ad Hoc Member to the Executive Committee, Place #5. The deadline to submit a Willingness-to-Serve is by the first day of the Annual Convention. The date for the convention is yet to be determined. The online Ad Hoc Willingness-to-Serve form may be found on the APFA website here.


The seniority shuffle will take place on January 26th, and will be posted on January 27th.

Amy Milenkovic will be on vacation January 8-18, 2021. Please reach out to Kelli or APFA HDQ at (817) 540-0108 during this time.

As we continue to move through one of the toughest times in our industry, thank you for continuing to be professional and showing up daily, not only for our passengers, but especially for one another. We are in this together and will get through this together. Fly safely and stay healthy.

In Solidarity,

Amy & Kelli

Amy Milenkovic
APFA BOS Base President
(617) 233-3172

Kelli Powers
APFA BOS Base Vice President
(603) 661-5297

1004 West Euless Boulevard
Euless, Texas 76040

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Fax: (817) 540-2077


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