1.19.21 – APFA CLT Base Brief – Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Good Day CLT Flight Attendants,

With this week’s Presidential inauguration, the Company and the Federal Government have taken extra security precautions throughout the week. Some of the safety measures that we can expect are:

  • Alcohol will not be served in any class of service between January 16th through the 21st for flights servicing the Washington, D.C. area (BWI, IAD, and DCA).
  • Crews will be located away from downtown Washington, D.C. through January 24th.
  • Crews scheduled to layover near state capitols in other cities will also be relocated.
  • Private transportation through Uber will be available for crews laying over in the DC area, both to and from the hotel through the 24th.
  • Flight Service Managers will be visible at the gates to assist you.
  • Pilots will be delivering special announcements.
  • The Captain will be asked to provide thorough crew briefings to review security procedures and the handling of any potential threatening situations.
  • You may see a visible security presence in and outside the airports and at the security checkpoints. Please allow yourself more time to comply with the increased measures and still arrive on time for your required report times.
  • The FAA has strengthened its policy and consequences for unruly airplane passengers.


EAP Services

With the events from earlier this month still settling in, APFA is working with corporate security to strengthen the security measures and ensure everyone’s safety during this time. Many of us are still processing what is happening in our world, both recent events and the larger pandemic itself. At times, we all can become overwhelmed, as this has been one of the most challenging times in the history of aviation and our country. If you need to talk to someone, remember our EAP is here to help.

Professional Standards

We have seen an uptick in peer-to-peer complaints that are resulting in discipline. APFA Charlotte recommends you utilize APFA Professional Standards to resolve complaints. Professional Standards is a voluntary, confidential service offering members the opportunity to resolve conflicts or concerns with co-workers without management involvement. It is the lowest level of informal intervention possible. We encourage the use of Professional Standards rather than engaging the formal involvement of the company. Utilizing Professional Standards offers the involved party’s confidentiality and the ability to maintain control over the outcome of the conflict. The same report sent to the company in some cases can lead to discipline up to and including termination. Take a moment to think about the situation and give Professional Standards a chance to resolve the issue. You can contact Pro Stands by calling the local office at 704-665-7474.

Well for Work

The Well for Work form is required to be filled out each month. While the form is difficult to navigate and get confirmation, the Company is disciplining employees who fail to complete and submit the form. One way to ensure your form is completed for the current month is to go to aa.comply365.net:

  • Use your Jetnet/Crew Portal credentials to log in
  • Select “My Forms”  from the drop-down menu on the far left
  • Go to List > Submitted


This will show you all the forms that you have submitted. If you are having difficulty completing the form on your tablet, you can utilize this site to complete the form also. Remember to put in an e-mail address so you can get a completion certificate sent to you. If you are having any issues with your tablet, take it to the Crew Service Center in Ops for trouble shooting. If issues continue, document the issues with an ASAP report.

Safety Reports

We continue to receive multiple CERs each day concerning mask compliance. We examine your reports and look for continuing issues. We address these issues with Corporate Security and Safety on a regular basis. Mask compliance remains the number one compliance issue we are facing. A look at the statistics over the last few months has shown a drop in Cabin Air-Fume events. This is certainly some good news and the reason for the drop is a company initiative to replace older systems (Like APUs) on our aircraft. This commitment by the company to upgrade older systems can already be seen statistically in the drop in recorded events. Here are some numbers and issues that have been reported this past month:

  • Fume/Odor events involving CLT Flight Attendants: 0
  • Passenger ill on aircraft concerning Charlotte Flight Attendants: 31 (possible COVID-19: 2)
  • Passenger misconduct on aircraft concerning Charlotte Flight Attendants: 261 (Masks non-compliance:136. PAX intoxication: 15. Miscellaneous misconduct: 54. Smoking: 5. PAX fights: 4. PAX removed from aircraft: 16)
  • Non-rev misconduct (mask): 1
  • Passenger injury’s: 3
  • Flight Attendant injury’s: 3
  • CLT Flight Attendants ill/sick/hospital on trips: 2
  • Turbulence events: 1 (no passenger injuries)
  • Turbulence injuries to Flight Attendants: 1
  • Aircraft Mechanical issues: 5
  • Passenger live animal removed from aircraft: 2
  • Passenger lost/stolen/damaged property: 1
  • Security concerns: 3
  • Slide Deployments (CLT): 0
  • Medical diversions: 1


We track a variety of issues, everything from bird strikes to possible human trafficking. The aircraft environment is fluid, and we want you to always remain focused on safety and security while at work. The largest obligation we have to our fellow employees and to our passengers is to operate a safe and reliable product.

RDU Satellite Base

RDU will end its base flying in February and debut as a Satellite Base in March. We would like to have strong numbers to present to the company so they can have assurances there is an adequate appetite for flying out of Raleigh. If you think you may like to fly trips out of Raleigh in the future, please send us your information. There is no commitment to bid trips out of RDU. This is just so we can establish a list of Flight Attendants that are interested in covering trips out of the satellite. We are committed to the success of the satellite and need the participation of our Flight Attendants to make this happen.

If you are interested in flying out of RDU send the following information to rdusatellite@gmail.com.

  • Name
  • Employee #
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Miles you live from RDU (so we have a rough estimate on how long it may take you to get to RDU airport)
  • Aircraft Qualifications


Dee Dee Todd is the satellite coordinator and is working on a program that can be used to track trips and Flight Attendants interested in flying out of RDU. Again, there is no commitment to bid or pick up these trips. However, we need solid numbers to present to the Company to ensure there is an appetite to cover any trips they build for RDU.

Many of the RDU Flight Attendants will become part of the Charlotte family in February. We want to welcome them to the Charlotte base. Charlotte is a much bigger base with a wider variety of trips and schedules we think you will enjoy. A larger base has more diverse challenges, and we want you to know your Charlotte APFA Team has the same commitment to supporting you as your RDU Team did. If you have any problems, questions, or would like to be added to any of our communications outlets, give us a call. The local APFA Union number is 704-665-7474. Welcome to Charlotte.

We continue to work on several ongoing issues both locally and nationally. This week will present many challenges for our Flight Attendants as we watch the peaceful transition of power for our nation. If you have any concerns that arise, please reach out to us, and report the issues to the proper authorities—document, document, document.

We will keep you updated on any changes or announcements as the week progresses.

Take care of yourselves, and each other. ~ The Charlotte APFA Team

In Solidarity,

Scott Hazlewood
APFA CLT Base President


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