1.22.21 – APFA MIA Base Brief – February Pay Protection

Friday, January 22, 2021

February Pay Protection


I am pleased to report that APFA has secured a pay protection Letter of Agreement for February. Cancellations which are COVID-related, will pay protect both partial and full sequence cancellations.

The XF code represents pay for COVID-related cancellations. The code will appear on the HI1 next to cancelled sequence and will also be reflected in the body of the sequence. The code may initially appear as an XI which represents an unpaid cancellation. If the sequence is on the list of COVID cancellations, Crew Compensation will change the unpaid XI removal code to the XF paid removal code. Some removals will reflect the RS code initially. This occurs when part of the sequence cancels and there is no disposition to the sequence. Meaning the first leg cancels and the return leg has not yet cancelled. The pay populates for the return leg, and the pay for the originating leg is paid when Crew Comp reviews the RS codes. This usually can take up to a couple weeks. I would suggest sending a message to direct connect when any of these cancellations occur to ensure Crew Comp does not overlook paying you properly. A list for all COVID-related cancellations can be found on Jetnet > Flight Service > Crew Resources > Scheduling.

This month, I was made aware of an issue relating to the PEI cancellations. This city was not on the list of COVID cancellations, and all sequences were removed unpaid. This impacted the pay for eighteen (18) Flight Attendants. The flights were all reinstated with different flight numbers and adjusted departure times. Under the language in JCBA Section 10.J.1.e.i., the Flight Attendants were entitled to pay protection since a new unpublished flight was created with the same city pairs and was scheduled to depart within four hours of the original scheduled departure.

I encourage everyone to pay close attention to their pay and contractual protections. Some pay adjustments are not immediate, but should occur prior to closeout on the 9th.

In Solidarity,

Randy Trautman
APFA MIA Base President


Heidi Morgan
APFA MIA Full-Time Base Council Representative


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