2.09.21 – APFA ORD Base Brief – March 2021 Allocations Chart Correction

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Hello ORD Flight Attendants,

Welcome to winter ORD. We hope you are staying safe and warm thru the latest deep freeze. Let’s get to some of the hot topics at the base. It’s like Groundhog Day all over again as we wait for news of the Payroll Support Program (PSP) extension to get us past the month of March. While hopeful a furlough can be avoided, the Company did send out WARN letters last week. Following JCBA requirements to offer alternatives to involuntary furlough, ballots are now open for VEOP and leaves of absence. Click Here for more information on the VEOP and EVLOA-2.

COVID Vaccinations

Great new for FAs in Illinois. The state moved to tier 1b (transportation) for COVID vaccinations. It can be difficult to schedule an appointment, but new slots and locations seem to be opening every few days. Appointment times may not always work with your flying schedule. Please reach out to your FSM if you have exhausted options to avoid a conflict. Check with your individual county for identification requirements.

Updated Face Covering Policy

The Company has updated the face covering policy based on a new Executive Order and TSA Security Directive. Please continue to write CERS for passenger noncompliance! Click Here for more information.

Recall of Flight Attendants

When all is said and done, ORD will welcome back 1149 furloughed FAs! The Company was able to return 2894 furloughed Flight Attendant system wide to the March bidding pool, including 251 to ORD. Those Flight Attendants will be subject to Reserve in March. There are many questions regarding how the Company will manage a headcount overage April and beyond. No final decisions have been made. Discussions with the Company are ongoing.

Voluntary Early Out Program (VEOP)

The VEOP election window closes Friday, February 26, 2021 at 2359CT. Chicago’s own Duran Allen, from the AA Federal Credit Union Flagship Financial Group is available for retirement planning questions. Click Here for more information on a complimentary consultation.


The system wide job hours continue to increase slightly month-over-month.

  • ORD: March 64,325 versus February 50,362
  • MSP: March 1,174 versus February 979


With the continued reduced schedule and tight manning, the sequence construction looks similar to previous months. The struggle to find a balance in trip length distribution continues. We did address the fact that 2-day sequences increased slightly at the expense of turns. ODANs are slightly down at 1.1 starts per day.

LHR: Effective 1/13, the pickup time has been gone back to 2:30 prior to departure.

IPD: There are a few one-off IPD sequences at the end of the month (BCN/MIA and LHR/SEA). Don’t get too excited about these trips. We would be surprised to see any additional IPD trips starting up in the current COVID-environment and these two will not be ORD trips going forward. The BCN pairs with the pilots for the startup of the MIA base trip. The SEA/LHR trip will be built as a six day out of LAX.

**Correction to Projected Lineholders for March 2021**

Remaining March 2021 Bidding Timelines

Thank you for your hard work and commitment to safety. We remain available for questions and feedback. Be kind to one another. Take care and stay safe in these uncertain times.

In Solidarity,

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APFA ORD Base President
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