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3.19.21 – Vacation ETB, Vacation MRB, May Filler Day Bid, And VEX Day Timelines

Friday, March 19, 2021

Vacation ETB, Vacation MRB, May Filler Day Bid,
and VEX Day Timelines

The Annual Vacation Bid Award for May 2021 – April 2022 is now final. To view your award details, go to Crew Portal > Monthly Bids > Vacation > Annual > Summary > Show Detail. Your awarded vacation days are also viewable in FOS/DECS under HI10.

The monthly process timeline for the May bid month (beginning of the vacation fiscal year) differs slightly from the remainder of the year due to the annual vacation bid and award timeline. The timeline for May vacation processes is adjusted as follows:

Monthly Rebid (MRB)

A monthly process which allows you to change your scheduled vacation days by bidding for days not awarded in the annual bid and/or days vacated by flight attendants due to separation, leaves of absence, transfers or because of a previous monthly rebid. The monthly rebid is awarded in seniority order.

Filler Days

If you elected to designate filler days during the annual vacation bid, you can participate in the monthly filler day bid for the months you would like to schedule your filler days. Monthly filler day bids are awarded in seniority order.

Vacation Extension (VEX) Days

If you have seven or more consecutive vacation days, you can request up to four VEX days per vacation block. There are no blackout dates for VEX days, and they are not seniority driven.

VEX days may be placed before, after, or split in any combination on either side of a vacation period. They may also be placed in the bid month prior to your vacation or carry into the next bid month. VEX day requests must be entered two months prior to the bid month you would like the VEX days to be placed or two months prior to the bid month in which your vacation starts – whichever is earlier.

VEX days are unpaid and uncredited. VEX days act as a pre-planned absence and will carry neither a value for pay nor credit. Such days off will be counted toward the Reserve’s scheduled Golden Days. Once the PBS award is final, they become regular days off in a Lineholder month and you may pick up a trip on those days, if desired.

Note: You may have no more than four VEX days per bid month, even if you have separate seven day (or more) vacation blocks in the month.

Monthly Process Timeline

The deadline for vacation trades on the ETB is the 5th of the month at 2330 (CT), one month prior.

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