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4.08.21 – APFA MIA Base Brief – May 2021 Allocations

Thursday, April 8, 2021

May 2021 Staffing and Allocations


For the month of May, Miami’s block hours are 119,400. This is down 19,489 from April. This was mainly attributed to Manpower Planning giving us a lower target which resulted from frequency limitations, COVID restrictions, and other variables related to vacations and leaves. The goal is not to move any flying out of Miami which is organically flown by our base. As the flying picks up in the coming months, we can expect the hours to return along with the increased staffing to support those hours.

The Reserve percentage for May will be 21.2% or 455 heads. May has five weekends, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day all of which drive the numbers up. It is very difficult to predict how senior Reserve will be in the upcoming months, as almost everyone based in Miami is on a one (1) month on/ three (3) months off rotation. With virtually no one at the base on straight Reserve, or one (1) on/ one (1) month off, this plays a big part in how deep in seniority Reserve will go.

We are still down about 35% systemwide from pre-COVID levels. With the remaining recalls returning in May, there will be a systemwide overage. 1161 one-month unpaid VLOAs will be offered system-wide to mitigate the overage. 189 VLOAs will be offered to Miami.

I have been advised that GRU will operate with a 37-hour layover indefinitely. This is due to Network Planning adjusting the departure times making it impossible to pair it as a Rocket. GIG will operate as a Rocket in May, and the plan is to alternate months with June having the long layover, and July operating as a Rocket.

BCN and LHR will continue to operate daily with LHR on the 777-300, and BCN on the 777-200.

Starting May 6th, LIM will operate daily with a 23.4-hour layover on a 787. The trip will depart daily at 1800 and return the third day in Miami at 0624. BOG and GYE will operate daily turns on the 787. PAP, HAV, and UIO will operate turns on the 787 the first week of May.

LAX will operate a transcon turn daily on the 777-300. I am pleased to report we were able to secure two additional LAX transcon layovers that will also operate daily. One with a 19.54-hour layover, and the other with a 12.25-hour layover, both on the 777.

MAD is planned to startup June 3rd, and operate daily on the 777-200. I haven’t been able to confirm a startup for CDG.

TLV is planned to startup June 16th. The trip will be built as a 5- and 6-day trip. The 5-day trip will have a 55-hour layover and will be worth 25.15 hours. The 6-day trip will have a 77-hour layover and will be worth about 30 hours. Both will operate on the 777-200.

I am pleased to report that all MAO and GYE sequences will be pay protected for the month of April due to low demand directly related to COVID. If you have a partial or full sequence cancellation, please do NOT pick up any ETB trips over the entire calendar days of the trip. This will negate any pay protection. Additionally, I would encourage you not to seat swap over a pay protected sequence. This will potentially cause a delay in receiving your pay protection. I would advise switching on the plane and sitting in your assigned jumpseat.

Here are the staffing numbers and trip compositions:

Total block hours for May 2021: 119,400 hours

  • MIA: 106,158
  • FLL: 4,946
  • PBI: 2,558
  • MCO: 3,273
  • ATL: 2,465


In Solidarity,

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APFA MIA Base President

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