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4.09.21 – APFA LGA Base Brief- April 9, 2021

Friday, April 9, 2021

New York – LGA: A New Direction

First and foremost, it is my honor to serve as your LGA Base President. Penelope and I are fully committed to serving every one of you. Transitions are never easy, but the improvements are well worth it. While we explore what has not worked and shed light on what will, we ask that you remain in constant and direct communication with us.

Security Concerns While Abroad

As some of you may know, one of our crews recently experienced a very dangerous situation in San Jose, Costa Rica. This incident happened before I took office, but I am working to ensure the Company handles the situation appropriately. Without sharing information sensitive to our security and safety, I want you to know that I am currently working on erasing the “what’s next” if any Flight Attendant has to face any security risk on a layover or any time while on duty. Please stay on the lookout for communication explicitly addressing this and continue to report all issues that are of concern to you immediately.

Courtesy Transportation

New York Flight Attendants work out of three airports within two states around the clock, 365 days a year. The Company has benefited from decades of what our base provides to the endless record profits we as employees help bring, especially in New York. Courtesy transportation is not a free ride or a luxury; it is a corporate responsibility to recognize the region and risks to which employees are exposed in a city like New York. In the coming weeks, I will need your support in my quest to broker an agreement with the Company for courtesy transportation between the three airports we serve. Keep in mind that this is something that benefits everyone, including the Company. We have past practice, and more importantly, we have a serious need from a security standpoint. Currently, our courtesy transportation is in effect until the end of April.

Reporting Customer Non-compliance Onboard

Every time you file a CERS report, I receive a copy. I read every single one. A customer’s refusal to wear a mask is now a significant challenge we have to deal with onboard, and sometimes the situation escalates. It is essential to follow proper protocol when this issue presents itself because this is the best way to ensure the Company holds the customer responsible. Please put your safety first and remember to be as detailed as possible when filling out your CERS report. You are only required to inform the customer once, followed by a second Flight Attendant, before the #1 FA issues a Disturbance Report. All Flight Attendants involved should submit a CERS report. If any of these instances go beyond the norm, please reach out to Penelope or me, and we will make sure you have the support you need.

Foreign Quarantine Restrictions

As your Officers, we never support or encourage any restrictions on you, be it at work or on your time off on a layover. If we pass on information provided to the Company by foreign governments as a condition to fly in and out of that country, we do so to remind you and keep you informed. What you do is always at your discretion, and we always encourage you to share with us your personal experience if what we are communicating is not making sense with what you see firsthand. I completely understand the need to return to a normal life.

Parking at EWR and LGA

The Company has communicated to us that parking will soon be returning to our regular employee lot facilities at EWR and LGA. EWR returns to Lot F effective May 10, and LGA will soon have a date in May which we will communicate. If you need any information about parking and how to get around, I will be sending out a communication soon specific to parking. It was a sweet ride while we had it. I am exploring a conversation with the Company about how the proximity to the terminal brought several benefits to both the Flight Attendants and the Company, including more personal safety, especially during the wee hours of the morning and night. I will keep you posted on this topic. In the meantime, please make sure you stay informed on the return dates for the employee lot(s).

What is all this Mailchimp business?

Communication was always my biggest frustration before I was elected Base President. My perspective is that I want to know everything immediately. When I decide to read information is up to me, but I don’t want to have to scroll through a post on social media to get important information I need that pertains to work. That is why I created the Mailchimp account. There seems to be some confusion as to this method I am using, so here are the basics:

It is voluntary to sign up. It is information you will eventually receive from the Union or Company. If I have information you should have, I will not sit on it and wait for some format or avenue like this base brief that has to be sent to one person, approved by a few others, and sent to you when possible. I will never share information that is confidential, sensitive in any way, or specific to a person or employee. I am cautious about protecting our safety and our relationship with the Company as far as information goes. If you do not want to sign up for Mailchimp, you will NOT miss anything. If you sign up for Mailchimp, you may get information at 11 pm before the general population. Beginning May 1, Mailchimp emails will be sent only via Mailchimp and not posted on social media. Base Briefs such as this one will be sent out weekly. Some will be short, others will be long, depending on how much information I feel you need. If I need you to know something urgent or a must, I will post it everywhere, including my own personal Facebook wall if necessary. I want you to receive information as soon as I have it without the wait of the process.

I will include more details about current events, our base council, and pending issues in an upcoming base brief.

Bulletin Boards at the Airports

I have refreshed all bulletin boards at all three airports. LGA and EWR will be moving to new offices, so I will not waste too many resources until we have our new space. I will share more information about our new offices in the coming weeks. Bulletin boards are important even in our new age of technology because they establish a Union presence where it matters a lot. I welcome feedback on what you would like to see on the bulletin boards.

APFA Offices

The APFA JFK Office has been dusted off a bit, and I will soon be working out of this office a few days a week. LGA and EWR will also have an office once we move into the new terminals, and I will share more information on both. Union presence is important to me, and I hope it will soon also be to you. I plan on giving you reasons for it to be. If you see the door open at JFK, stop by and say hi.

Important Reminders

  • Complete ‘Well for Work’ on your tablet, or online on Jetnet > Departments > Flight Service/ Helpful Links:

  • Submit any reimbursements not yet paid out.
  • Parking tags and cards for EWR, LGA, and JFK.
  • Paid time off for vaccine appointments.
  • Vaccination incentive program (coming soon).


The next base brief will be released on Friday, April 16, 2021.

In Solidarity,

Christian M. Santana
APFA LGA Base President
(347) 546-0703

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APFA LGA Base Vice President
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