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4.10.21 – 737 MAX Pay Protection

Saturday, April 10, 2021

737 MAX Pay Protection

APFA has secured pay protection for partial and full sequence 737 MAX cancellations. These pay protections are similar to those used for the COVID-19 cancellations. A list of 737 MAX cancellations will be posted on Jetnet.

If you experience a partial 737 MAX related cancellation, you will be pay protected for the original value of the sequence at the time of the award, excluding premiums for the canceled leg(s).

If you experience a full 737 MAX related cancellation, you will be pay protected for the original value of the sequence at the time of the award, including premiums.

In both instances, you may double dip per JCBA Section 10.E.3.m. over these sequences via TTS and UBL only. As a reminder, any trips picked up from the ETB on a pay protected calendar day will cancel out pay protection per the JCBA.

You are not required to submit a direct connect to receive pay protections.

The Company will pay these pay protections as soon as practicable and will make every effort to update your PROJ/PPROJ as quickly as possible.

Any sequence that cancels completely without being rescheduled due to weather or maintenance is not covered under this Letter of Agreement. In those circumstances, JCBA pay protections would apply.

American will handle the 737 MAX cancellations consistent with the ‘Prior to Report’ language found in JCBA 10.J.2.b. Here are some guidelines to ensure you are being rescheduled or removed consistent with our contractual language:

  • Crew scheduling will make every attempt to modify the partially canceled sequence within the footprint of the original sequence, consistent with JCBA 10.J.7.
  • If the sequence is canceled in its entirety, there will be no additional modifications to your schedule.
  • If everything in your sequence cancels with the exception of a deadhead flight, and you are no longer scheduled to deadhead on that flight, they will consider this a full sequence cancellation, and you will not be subject to modifications to your schedule.


If you have any questions about this Letter of Agreement for April 737 MAX pay protection, please contact your APFA Base Leadership or call the APFA Contract and Scheduling Desk at 817-540-0108, Monday through Friday from 0900-1700 (CDT). You may also use APFA Live Chat, Saturday and Sunday, from 0900-1700 (CDT). The live chat link may be found on the home page of

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