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4.16.21 – APFA LGA Base Brief- JFK Employee Parking Lot 12

Friday, April 16, 2021

JFK Employee Parking Lot 12

Today I filed a Base Notice of Dispute (NOD) on the company’s repeated disregard for the safety of New York Flight Attendants with regard to our JFK employee parking lot 12. The safety of our flight attendants is paramount to me. This issue has been addressed since I started doing BCR work at JFK over 6 years ago. Promises come and promises go, including leadership locally. I am not willing to give the company a pass any longer on this issue which is a commonsense solution to this safety concern. I am seeking that the company temporarily allow us to park adjacent to terminal 8 while they repair the lot.

In speaking about this issue with some of you, one of the concerns was the company moving us to a farther lot. I want to be transparent about this and any issue affecting our quality of work-life, I will not ignore an issue because of semantics. We either fight for what we deserve or settle for less everywhere else. I am always open to your concerns and suggestions, but we here in New York can no longer continue to be treated like recycled help.

I expect that we will find a solution to an issue that is obviously urgent. The JFK employee Lot 12 is currently in serious safety violations putting anyone walking or driving in it in danger.

I have also prepared a letter I will share with the Port Authority of NY to share my concerns directly.


  • Potholes the size of tires, some fill with water or snow hard to spot
  • Exposed Electric wiring that can pose a hazard to employees
  • Broken glass in the shelters that can injure an employee
  • Accumulation of water when heavy rains pour over the lot
  • No real security protecting employees and vehicles
  • No consistent resources for Snow Plowing and Waste Disposal
  • Broken signage laying around the lot posing a hazard


Please fly safe.

In Solidarity,

Christian M. Santana
APFA LGA Base President
(347) 546-0703

Penelope King
APFA LGA Base Vice President
(718) 350-7043

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