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4.24.21 – APFA MIA Base Brief – April 24, 2021

Saturday, April 24, 2021


We have been unable to reach an LOA for sequence cancellation protections for those flights directly related to the active volcano in SVD. The Company has advised us that the language in 10.J.1.b, which protects the guarantee when a Flight Attendant loses all or the balance of the month’s schedule, is what they are sticking to for now. Below is the language:

b. In the event a Flight Attendant loses her/his entire month’s trip selection or balance of her/his month’s schedule because of a schedule change, including natural disaster and/or extraordinary circumstances, the following shall apply: A Flight Attendant whose pay projection falls below her/his monthly guarantee as a result of the Schedule Change shall be required to make a “reasonable effort” as defined in Paragraph D.19.d.i, to make up the time. A Flight Attendant may choose to waive pay protection and be released from any obligation to remain available to the Company. This provision is to address the major issues specified above and is not intended to apply to normal scheduling changes affecting individual Flight Attendants.

TTS opens tonight and I wanted to make the base aware that if bidding SVD and they cancel as a result of the volcano, they will not be sequence pay protected unless it is the last trip/series of the month.

We were able to secure an LOA for COVID cancellations that occur in May. They will be sequence pay protected. The list of COVID cancellations can be found on the Flight Service website under the scheduling tab.

We continue to see ETB transactions conducted over pay protected sequences. Do NOT perform any ETB transactions over the calendar days of a pay protected sequence. Double dipping is only through Company time, TTS/UBL. Also seat swapping through ETB will turn the the OT or TT sequence into an OE. When pay comp audits the pay protected sequences, they will negate the protection if an ETB transaction occurs. I would recommend trading positions on the plane rather than through the computer, as this can take several weeks to remedy.

In Solidarity,

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APFA MIA Base President

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