5.07.21 – APFA CLT Base Brief – Employee Parking

Friday, May 7, 2021

Employee Parking

Good Day CLT Flight Attendants,

Two years ago, we took on several issues we had with the employee lot 2 (formerly lot 4). We measured, photographed, researched city codes, attended meetings, documented, voiced our concerns and wrote letters to the Airport officials, AA management and any governing body we thought could help us address the issues we have with this lot. We were not alone on this. Obviously, all the employee groups had the same problems. We reached out to the other Unions who represent the various workgroups at the airport. We found we had many things in common on several issues, not just a parking problem. We found we were more alike than we were different. We reached out beyond just the airport Unions and found cohesion and collaboration on everything from healthcare to worker’s comp issues. We found the strength in unified labor.

This past year was devastating for labor. Covid decimated our numbers and sent many of our issues into a holding pattern. With things opening back up, labor has picked up on many of the issues that confronted us before the pandemic. When it was announced we were heading back to the employee lot, the coalition of Unions began working together again to find a solution. We have enjoyed being in the parking deck and patiently waited for word on the promised improvements to lot 2. When they announced the improvements, it was obvious many of our issues were not addressed during our temporary relocation. The previous issues we had with the lot included:

  • Overcrowded busses
  • An unrealistic bus schedule during shift changes
  • Too many compact parking spaces designated to accommodate the actual number of employees
  • Mud holes next to the pick-up islands
  • Traffic jams waiting to exit the lot during shift changes
  • Spikes on the inclines at the exits
  • The inability to walk to the airport
  • Inoperative scanners and general security


We had real concerns that once we moved back to this lot, we would be faced with the same issues and with Covid still present, social distancing would be impossible. Last week, in conjunction with the other labor Unions, we took our concerns to the Mayor and the City Council. We spoke directly at an official City Council meeting asking them for their support in our efforts to improve the employee lots. The Mayor announced there was a possible resolution to the problem as the airport will open up the express parking deck for some of the employees. We had many questions and have been waiting for the details.

This week, the Airport announced that on May 12th, we will be temporarily parking in the Express Deck 2 (formerly called Business Valet 2), located on Harlee Avenue. Check your company e-mails for the details, but for the simplest directions, here is the address: 3756 Harlee Avenue, Charlotte, NC, 28208 – for the GPS coordinates. The simple directions are:

  • Go to Wilkinson Blvd.
  • When you get to the Airport, look for Harlee Avenue. Turn onto Harlee going into the airport, take the first right into the Business Valet Parking Deck. Take the first right and circle around the back side to the second Deck (should be signs to Express Deck 2). We can park on levels 3, 4 and 5. You will need to use your parking proxy card to swipe, and you must have your hang tag on your vehicle. The bus will pick up at the entrance to express Deck 1 (follow the walkways, it is in the front of Deck 1). Buses will pick up and drop off on the UPPER LEVEL of the terminal zone 4 bus stop. (If you got a drive through covid vaccination at the airport, it is the same location).


While this was a short-term win for our department, the fight is not over. Remember, this is temporary and only applies to mainline flight crews. We will eventually be moved back to employee lot 2. We remain committed to fixing the employee lots permanently for all the work groups. Our coalition of Union brothers and sisters will continue to garner support until we achieve permanent solutions to this problem and the many others we have in common. We want to thank everyone who took the time to fill out our petition (STOP THE SQUEEZE) and provided pictures and testimonials. (We had plenty of data to present). Special thanks to all the labor Unions for supporting this cause. We look forward to the future collaborations on this issue and the many others we have. And a very special thanks to Jeff, Trev, Laura and Don, who without your sacrifice and commitment to this project may have ended with us parking in a corn field.

We will be posting a new link that will allow you to voice your concerns and provide documentation we will need to further our efforts. We will take these examples as a show of solidarity with our Union Brothers and Sisters.

We intend to keep our campaign going until we have an employee lot that works for everyone. Above all, we want to STOP THE SQUEEZE!

Thank you. ~ The Charlotte APFA Team

In Solidarity,

Scott Hazlewood
APFA CLT Base President


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