5.14.21 – APFA DCA Base Brief: Professional Standards

Friday, May 14, 2021

We’ve Got Your Back

“Delta Air Lines passenger hit Flight Attendant after Mask Dispute faces $27,500 fine.”  (2/26/21)

“JetBlue Airlines passenger Yelled, Slammed Overhead Bins, Shouted Profanities at Cabin Crew, fined $9,000.”  (4/27/21)

“Southwest Airlines returns to gate to forcibly remove passenger for yelling Racial Slurs at Flight Attendant.”  (10/2/20)

“American Airlines Flight Attendant struck multiple times over garbage.”  (5/3/21)

“Male passenger tasered on American Airlines flight after fondling female passenger.”  (3/28/21)

“Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reports 1,300 unruly passengers reports since February.”  (5/3/21)

One event is too many.

Never before have we seen such an onslaught of onboard disruptions, including blatant disregard and respect for our jobs as Safety Professionals.

Let us look at how your Professional Standards Team and Base Representatives work together on cases such as mask non-compliance and other conflicts.

1. I am working with a Flight Attendant/Pilot/Agent who will not wear their mask, or is doing so improperly. What should I do?

Have you approached them discreetly first? We often forget to “go to the source” in an attempt to rectify an issue. Still no luck? Read on.

2. I know the Captain has final authority on the aircraft. What if the conflict is with them?

We recognize this can be an uncomfortable conversation for some, especially in close quarters and out-of-ear shot of passengers. If discussions are unsuccessful, please contact your DCA Professional Standards Team or Base Representatives for assistance.

3. Can I contact Professional Standards during my trip?

Yes! Flight Attendants often call us after an onboard event which is okay too. We also can help remedy situations as they are occurring.

4. Will the details of the mediation between the Professional Standards Committee and employee be shared with me?

No. Just as the Company cannot share your personal record or discussions without your approval, Union Representatives are bound by codes of confidentiality.

5. Is it best to go directly to my Flight Service Manager?

Not necessarily. They usually will send these types of cases back to Professional Standards. If the involved parties can achieve no resolution or favorable outcome, then it may be escalated.

Headlines or not, these are stressful times for many. Flight Attendants’ health and safety should not be jeopardized because our workspace is on board an aircraft.

You’ve gone through the rough part- thank you for the opportunity to intervene on your behalf and “lighten the load.”

In Unity,

Your Professional Standards/ EAP Representatives

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