5.15.21 – APFA DFW Base Brief -DFW-Based Crews Working ICN-PVG-ICN

Saturday, May 15, 2021

DFW-Based Crews Working ICN-PVG-ICN

If you are working a sequence with ICN-PVG-ICN segments and are scheduled to deadhead from ICN back to Dallas, APFA and AA have signed a Letter of Agreement to facilitate changing your deadhead to an earlier flight. We understand the difficulties many of you have experienced, and this agreement intends to provide the option of deadheading home earlier. Because the stop in ICN is considered a “tech stop,” there was no process in place for Crew Tracking or the gate agents to list Flight Attendants as a DH to DFW. The Company has worked through the process and will now be able to facilitate the earlier deadhead. You must follow all three of the following steps to complete the new deadheading process:

  • Prior to departure on origination, call the DFW Crew Service Center at 972-425-5140, or stop by in person and let them know that you intend to DH home earlier. They will list you as an A3 if there are seats available.
  • Once arriving back in ICN after working the PVG turn, call Crew Tracking, and they will list you as a NSHW for the originally scheduled DH. You will maintain your pay and legalities for the trip as if you had taken the scheduled DH.
  • Once Crew Tracking lists you as a NSHW, you must call the Hotel/Limo Desk and cancel your room in ICN.


If you have any questions about this Letter of Agreement, please reach out to your APFA Base Leadership or call the APFA Contract/Scheduling reps on duty at 817-540-0108.

Be careful and fly safe!

In Solidarity,

Amber De Roxtra
APFA DFW Base President
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