5.20.21 – APFA LGA Base Brief – Hardship of Loss of Pay

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Hardship of Loss of Pay

I want each Flight Attendant at LGA to know that Penelope and I understand the hardship associated with cancellations, loss of pay, and the challenges of recouping the time from TTS/UBL.  I continue to receive your emails and hear your concerns loud and clear, specifically with our Tel Aviv (TLV) and Cali, Colombia (CLO) cancellations.

The JCBA provides full pay protection for the last sequence/ last series of sequences (JCBA 10.L). It also provides protection under JCBA 10.J.1.b for extraordinary circumstances. As of this writing, APFA is in discussions with the Company to reach a resolution and a process for these cancellations to be pay protected. Previous legacy American contractual requirements to receive pay protection (MIC) no longer apply.

The circumstances in Tel Aviv (TLV) and Cali, Colombia (CLO) have caused the Company to cancel sequences due to extraordinary circumstances. We realize that a lot of these cancellations are last minute, and do not allow time to recoup lost flying.

Please know that Penelope and I completely understand the anxiety and concern this adds to an already mounting list of challenges we face onboard the aircraft. We already deal with little rest, unruly passengers, unexpected limitations of our space and our free time while on duty, and the financial hardship these cancellations can put us in. I remain committed to doing all I can, along with the team at APFA HDQ, to make our reality known and validated in more than just a hotline.

If you have questions, concerns, or need updating, you may contact Penelope or me directly. Please feel to print and share with our fellow New York colleagues.

In Solidarity,

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