5.28.21 – APFA LGA Base Brief – May 28, 2021

Friday, May 28, 2021

Memorial Day Weekend

As we begin Memorial Day weekend, we would like to honor our nation’s heroes who courageously gave their lives while making the ultimate sacrifice protecting the freedoms we enjoy in the United States and around the world. To those Flight Attendants who are Veterans or have fallen family members, THANK YOU.

Return of Main Cabin Beverage

Although the company is bringing back complimentary beverage service to the main cabin, beer, wine, and liquor are still not sold or served in this cabin. Customer assaults on Flight Attendants and inflight disturbances are at an all-time high. We all know vendors in the terminal at most airports sell alcoholic beverages to customers before they board. Customers are not permitted to board the aircraft intoxicated or carrying open containers of any alcoholic beverages. This violates FAR’s. To reduce the possibility of dangerous interactions onboard where intoxication may be a factor, please always communicate concerns with the flight deck and agents working the flight. Please put your safety first, and always seek assistance from another crew member if you address an issue with a customer and the situation escalates. CERS reports are critical for keeping data that help put measures in place that can provide more resources for us onboard. When completing your CERS report, be as detailed as possible. This assists the company in tracking non-compliant passengers.

Scheduling System Errors

System errors continue to plague our quality of work-life here in New York. I cannot stress enough the importance of filing a misaward form when you even suspect an error in your PBS, TTS, ETB, or ROTA/D award. We relied on FABRC to help us address these issues and help us understand the process. Unfortunately, the company defunded this critical resource, and the misaward form took its place; please use it. Flight Attendants may find the form at CrewPortal > Links> Support Tab. When you contact us about a possible misaward, we will refer you to the form. If you do this first, then share the information with us, we can wait for the response and proceed from there should it be necessary.

Hot Aircraft Cabins

As we get closer to peak summer, temperatures in the cabin can become a challenge, especially with customers still adhering to the federal mandate that is still in place, requiring they wear masks onboard. Please coordinate with the flight deck about the cabin temperature prior to boarding when the aircraft is on the ground using ground power. Report any issues via a CERS and contact Penelope or me if you feel we should know anything specifically.

JFK Employee Lot 12

I am relieved to report that the company has repaired all the potholes in the JFK employee parking lot 12. In a previous base brief, I informed you of my Notice of Dispute filed with the company on this parking lot’s dangerous conditions that have worsened over the years. This week we resolved our dispute with only a few cosmetic issues left that are in the process of being addressed but, going to the parking lot now is much safer. Penelope and I will continue to look for your feedback on any issues that need our attention and act accordingly to resolve them.

When Do I Go Illegal?

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Emergencies On Duty

When you are on duty and have an emergency but cannot reach a MOD or a specific department, you can call Daily Ops 24 hour/7 days a week. You can contact them at (682) 315-7070 or (888) 222-4737, and email Daily.Ops@aa.com.

I would like to welcome Eric Hodgson, a former LGA Base Chair with experience and a solid Union advocate. Eric joins Team New York as our grievance rep & base council rep with experience on the Board of Directors and a role in challenging APFA times. Eric will provide Penelope and me much-needed assistance in expediting cases to serve New York Flight Attendants more efficiently. Eric is thoroughly trained and capable of handling all Union matters locally and nationally.

Eric may be reached at ehodgson@apfa.org.

Please fly and stay safe,

Christian M. Santana
APFA LGA Base President 
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