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6.22.21 – Trip Trade System Balloting Reminders

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Trip Trade System Balloting Reminders

As the upcoming delayed Trip Trade System (TTS) run for July approaches, here are a few reminders regarding balloting for trips in TTS:

  • Updated TTS and ETB Timeline for July:

  • Changeover Sequences: If you submitted a ballot in the early part of the month involving a carry-over sequence, please take a minute to review the sequence number(s) to make sure they have not changed. The Company has been changing some carryover sequences to reflect the new month’s flying. The changes may include operating on more or less duty days than the original sequence*. If your sequence becomes a “changeover sequence”, the sequence number will be changed when the next month’s bid package is published.  Ballots with the original sequence number will not be valid.*Note: APFA disagrees with the Company’s current practice of pay protection for canceled Changeover (CH) sequences. Multiple Base Notice of Disputes (NODs) have been filed.
  • There are “reason codes” for trips that you are not awarded in TTS/UBL. You may see this response:“Could not find a legal solution”This message will be generated after the TTS optimizer has made 30 separate attempts to complete your transaction using all open and balloted sequences in the run. It is mathematically impossible to award the request and open time limitations would not allow your trip to drop into open time.

    “Awarded to a junior FA to fulfill a high seniority request”

    A Flight Attendant would receive this reason when a FA junior to you had a sequence that was needed to complete a senior FAs transaction.  There can be multiple FAs involved in this chain and you may see the same seniority number on multiple choices within your ballot. This occurs because the system begins with the most senior FA and uses all the open and balloted trips in the run to award the senior FA’s request(s).

    “Monthly or daily open time exceeded” 

    There are 2 different, pre-set limitations for open time, the daily limit, and the monthly limit. The system will not accept a drop or trade if the transaction would increase the open time on a given date. Neutral transactions are not subject to the monthly limitations.

  • Please review the misaward process for the Scheduling Systems (TTS/UBL, ETB and ROTA/ROTD. If you believe you may have been misawarded, complete a Scheduling System Issues Report and follow the misaward process to be eligible for pay protection. The misaward process must be followed even if the misaward has not been confirmed.


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