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7.04.21 – Rescheduling Issues Part III: Return to Crew Base

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Rescheduling Issues Part III: Return to Crew Base

To ensure the JCBA rescheduling language contained in Section 10.J.7 is not violated, we would like to provide clarification on the return to crew base language. Please reach out to your APFA Representative if you feel you’ve been rescheduled incorrectly so that we may address the issues with Crew Tracking. Anytime you are being rescheduled, check the ‘Assignment Sequence’ Report to see if Reserve Flight Attendants are available. This report can be found on Crew Portal under Reports> Daily Callout Report> Assignment Sequence.

JCBA Section 10.J.7: Return to Crew Base

JCBA Section 10.J.7 states that at the time of rescheduling, the Company shall make every effort to schedule such Flight Attendant crew to arrive back in their crew base no later than the time she/he was originally scheduled to return. In no event will the Flight Attendant(s) be rescheduled beyond her/his originally scheduled return time unless the Company has unsuccessfully made every effort to provide Reserve coverage to continue the sequence from that point without causing a delay or cancellation.

Example #1: I am based in BOS. I am originally scheduled to work to CLT, layover and fly CLT-BOS on the second day, arriving back in base at 1700. Crew Tracking advises me I will now be operating CLT-ORD, then deadheading to BOS, now arriving back in base at 2100. Is this a legal reschedule?

No. If you are being rescheduled (operating different city pairs, layover cities or operating on additional days), Crew Tracking must make every effort to schedule you to arrive back to crew base within the original footprint of your original sequence, including bringing in Reserve Flight Attendants from other bases (time permitting). Crew Tracking should staff the CLT-ORD flight with Reserve Flight Attendants and keep you on your original sequence.

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