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7.06.21 – APFA ORD Base Brief – August 2021 Allocations

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Hello ORD!  We hope everyone found time to enjoy the holiday weekend. Here are some current topics at the base, and the August staffing information.

Seat Swaps

If you pick up a sequence thru TTS/UBL on top of a pay protected sequence, a seat swap will kick out the pay protection.  The pay protection will be restored thru a manual process.  Please submit a Systems Issues form found on the APFA website for resolution.

Scheduling System Issues report Form

Daily Ops

When all crazy things seem to happen on the weekend or after hours, remember Daily Ops is your 24/7 lifeline for immediate attention! Contact them for all safety/security issues at work or on your layover. A CERS should be written for all safety/security incidents. Contact Daily Ops directly at 682-315-7070.


As a reminder for Reserves, July was a Flex month in most bases, including ORD. JCBA 10.D.13.d allows the TCR to be adjusted under specific circumstances. This has a ripple effect to Reserve Flight Attendants.

JCBA 12.L explains the criteria to “max out” on reserve. A Reserve Flight Attendant may call scheduling and request to be released from any remaining reserve days once their RSVCOT (Reserve call out of time) reaches the monthly maximum minus the value of a minimum day.

In ORD for July, the monthly maximum was increased from 90 hours to 93 hours. For the month of July in order to be released for the remainder of reserve days, the RSVCOT must be 88.01 or greater. Once your RSVCOT reaches the appropriate amount, you can immediately call to be released. August is NOT a Flex month in ORD. The reserve monthly max will be back to the normal 90 hours.

To be released from remaining reserve days, your RSVCOT must be greater than:

AUG RSVCOT – 85.01


The APFA Contract and Scheduling department is available at 817-540-0108, Monday-Friday from 0700-1900 CT. There are Contract and Scheduling Reps on duty to help you and answer any questions you may have.

APFA Live Chat is also available Saturday/Sunday 0900-1700 CT, Monday-Friday 1500-2300 CT. The live chat link is found on the bottom right of the home page at


After the crazy July numbers, we were bracing for more of the same in August. Shockingly, this will not be the case. While our available head count remains relatively constant month over month, the total reserve number and line average have reduced. The projected reserve is 374. Still excessive, but moving in the right direction compared to where we started in June at 401.

The Company announced there will be two reductions in summer flying on August 3rd and 17th.  Compared to July, the systemwide job hours will be down 30,744, and ORD about 3,000. In ORD, many changes are an equipment downgrade, not a full trip cancellation (ANC, MCO and LAS will all change from 787 to a narrow body mid-month).

We have received many inquiries about VLOA, and asked for a small number (0-10) in August. The decision was not made lightly as we know it could increase the line average by about thirty minutes. We will continue to track the minimum/maximum constraints in PBS and re-evaluate VLOA moving forward. The goal every month is to have no constraints.


The struggle to get the Company to build a higher quality sequence continues. With a more robust flight schedule this summer, we have seen a small reduction in the excessive sit times. Long duty days were addressed again. These were especially problematic in June, when there was no wiggle room in the sequence when the crew encountered an IROP situation. The ORD trip distribution for August matches closely with the systemwide distribution. One-day sequences are lower than we like and remain lower thru the system. ODANs have increased to 7.5 starts per day, many with longer ground time.

August Bidding Timeline

Thank you for your hard work and commitment to safety. We remain available for questions and feedback.

Be kind to one another. Stay safe.

In Solidarity,

Susan Wroble
APFA ORD Base President
(630) 802-2268

Dray Howard
APFA ORD Base Vice President
(630) 215-8410

Justin Patterson
APFA ORD Base Council Representative
(509) 720-0067

1004 West Euless Boulevard
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Phone: (817) 540-0108
Fax: (817) 540-2077


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