7.09.21 – Rescheduling Issues Part IV: ‘Deferred Flights’ No Longer Exist

Friday, July 9, 2021

Rescheduling Issues Part IV: ‘Deferred Flights’ No Longer Exist

American Airlines’ Crew Tracking department disrespects the JCBA and disrespects Flight Attendants by continuing to ignore the rescheduling language in Section 10. Over the past weekend, APFA provided examples of incorrect rescheduling scenarios that are, unbelievably, still taking place with alarming frequency (See Rescheduling Issues Hotline Part I, Part II, and Part III to review the repeated incorrect rescheduling examples).

Crew Tracking should be honoring your contract. Since they are not, it is APFA’s responsibility to arm you with the knowledge necessary to know when you are incorrectly rescheduled. Please contact APFA for assistance if you feel you have been incorrectly rescheduled, so we can immediately address the issue with the Company.

Q: Can Crew Scheduling still utilize the Legacy American ‘deferred flight’ language? 

No, the JCBA does not include deferred flight language.

Q: What if I’m delayed until the next duty period after I report for a trip?

Example: I am based in MIA, and I am scheduled to work MIA-GIG tonight. I report for work, and there is a mechanical that won’t be fixed until mid-morning tomorrow. Crew Scheduling wants me to lay over for 9.5 hours in MIA, and then fly to GIG and return a day later than my original return time. Is this legal?

If you have not left the gate, and the departure has been delayed to the next day (duty period) and your arrival back to base is outside the footprint of your original trip, you will be removed if there are Reserve Flight Attendants available. You will be pay protected under the crew substitution language in JCBA Section 10.J.10, with no further obligation.

You would only remain on the sequence if they are able to return you to your base within the footprint of your original sequence, or if there are no Reserve Flight Attendants available.If you remain on the sequence, you are entitled to a hotel room and three (3) hours callout pay.

Q: If I am being rescheduled, what section of the contract requires Crew Tracking to return me to base no later than my originally scheduled return time and date, provided Reserve Flight Attendants are available?

JCBA 10.J.7.

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