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7.24.21 – Calling in Well Available in Select Bases

APFA Special Hotline

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Calling in Well Available in Select Bases

The Company has notified APFA that Calling in Well will be available in select bases through Wednesday, July 28th. A banner appears on the top of Crew Portal when Calling in Well is open, and indicates which base(s) may be eligible. Here are the rules for Calling in Well for both Lineholder and Reserve Flight Attendants:

Lineholders (JCBA Section 9.D.1.c)

  • You may call in well at any time to pick up a sequence via TTS/UBL on days other than the first day of the sequence you called in sick.
  • If you call out sick for a trip over a weekend or holiday, and you call in well, you will not be restricted to the same number of weekend days. You will only need to pick up a trip that includes at least a weekend day or a holiday.
  • If you fly company open time (TTS/UBL) as a Lineholder you’ll only be charged for the day(s) you were out sick.
  • You will be charged sick for days of your original trip if no flying occurs, or if you call in sick again for a trip you subsequently picked up.


Reserves (JCBA Section 9.D.2.d.)

  • You must notify Crew Scheduling prior to 1445 HBT (Home Base Time) on the day prior to the RSV day to be available for ROTA processing.
  • If you notify Crew Scheduling after 1500 HBT the day prior, Crew Scheduling will not provide consent for the following day but may provide consent for 2 days out. You will be charged sick for the following day and will not be available to the company.
  • You will only be charged for the day(s) you were out sick provided you remain available in ROTA/D.
  • You will be charged sick days when you are not available to the company through ROTA/D.
  • If you call in well, you may pick-up sequences via ETB for a future date.

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