7.28.21 – APFA DCA Base Brief: Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

DCA Flight Attendants,

We recently met with the Managing Director of Base Operations Frank Morales, Regional Director Sam Maher, and DCA Base Manager Gail Mosko. We appreciated the opportunity to relay your concerns face to face. 45 minutes goes by quickly when there is such a long list of Flight Attendant frustrations. Here is a brief recap of items addressed:


We pointed out that many of us have been through numerous mergers in which the Trip Sequences usually improve not decline.

Adding, after being told to “wait until Flight Attendant Operational Integration (FOI)”, or the ability to “Fly on each other’s Metal” for more desirable results, understandably FAs are discouraged.

Yes, our business travelers’ stats are still very low (including Shuttle) which greatly effects DCA flying, but besides one’s health and safety, nothing impacts a FA more than their schedule.  A return of IAD flying, ODANs, West Coast Turns, less fatigue inducing trips (4 or 5 legs!), short layovers and sit times were also discussed.

We saw the needle move slightly for our August allocations and hope to see more improvements going forward.

Corporate Event Reporting System “CERS”

Speaking of safety, the massive increase in passengers’ disruptions and onboard conflicts is staggering.

Never have Flight Attendants faced so many challenges at 35,000 ft.

The mandatory removal of unruly passengers as well as increased Federal Aviation Administration “FAA” fines help establish that we take these actions seriously.

It was relayed that soon Flight Attendants will have follow-up information as to the actual outcome of these onboard occurrences.

Thank you for your diligence in completing CERS documentation.

Late to Gate/Late Departure 

We all can appreciate on-time performance and the possible effect on the operation when there is a delay. However, our concern is when Flight Attendants are often held to a higher standard than other employee groups, especially when these negative marks could stay in one’s file and move to disciplinary action.

It was stated that although these charges are auto-generated, they “look at each case individually.”

It is important to note in many cases that Flight Attendants are charged with delays which are not completely their fault.

Just because a Flight Attendant was established as late arriving doesn’t mean that other workgroups can now work at a pace that would ultimately delay the flight.

The Company is using the phrase “root cause,” and in many instances we do not agree.

Please do your best to scan your badge or have the agent mark you there before scheduled boarding!

Hot Cabin Temperatures

See the source image

Will American Airlines remain one of the few Airlines who uses a 90-degree threshold versus 85-degrees or less?

Cabin temperatures during boarding are unacceptable and set the mood for unruly passengers, as well as medical conditions due to the heat and uncomfortable cabin conditions.

As we lobby for a change, please follow all appropriate protocol for keeping the cabin cool.

Too Hot to Board

If you step onto a hot aircraft, cabin temperature above 90 degrees, and there are no Pilots, call Flight Service Daily Operations at 888-222-4737 and inform the Gate Agent. You must report the cabin conditions to someone so it can be immediately fixed. Do not remain on the aircraft if it is too hot. Proceed to the boarding area, if possible.

The Captain has final authority to determine if cabin conditions are adequate for passenger boarding. Please continue to communicate and coordinate with Gate Agents and the Pilots as appropriate to ensure the best possible boarding conditions.

As a First Responder, remember to review signs and symptoms of heat related illnesses, and remain prepared. Should you become ill, submit an AMR Event Report, and consider reporting via a Cabin ASAP report as well. ALL cabin heat events, especially those involving a delay in the boarding process and/or departure, should be reported to hotcabin@apfa.org.

Flight Pay Comp Close Out

Thankfully, it is finally much easier to access our paychecks via Jetnet. On the other hand, having to wait up to nine (9) days after the month is over for any outstanding claims to be processed  is unacceptable. This is one more component due to antiquated IT systems limitations within DECS/FOS. Significant improvements are needed.


We have received many concerns regarding Reserve numbers and the seniority of those on Reserve. We hear you! We continue to track these trends and will continue to address with AA Crew Manning. There are many factors that go into the Reserve headcount, and we take those factors into consideration. However, we believe the number of Reserves can be reduced significantly.

Thank you for your continued feedback and patience while we work though these issues which impact our crew base.

Please visit our APFA DCA Base Page on APFA.org to find local base information and to revisit all of our base briefs.

In Solidarity,

John A. Pennel
APFA DCA Base President


Dianne M. Britton
APFA DCA Base Vice President


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