8.03.21 – APFA DFW Base Brief – August 3, 2021

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

For the first time since doing Union work, I am at a loss for words. The absolute incompetence on behalf of management from sequence development to daily operations is no longer sustainable.

Every APFA Board of Directors member has complained, offered solutions, and fought for better sequences for well over a year. Yes, we understand the pandemic was problematic on every level for the airline, but we have seen the industry move forward with full aircraft, hot aircraft, and broken aircraft. Not to mention the long duty days, multiple legs, and sit times that are beyond ridiculous.

Your APFA Leadership told management their way was not going to work. Eventually, the operation will reach a breaking point.

The answer is not Crew Scheduling violating our contract. The answer is not having a third-party book our accommodations. The answer is not an app for crewmembers to book their hotel rooms. The answer cannot be working our crews beyond our physical well-being. Flight Attendants have reached their breaking point and can no longer be expected to carry the weight of a mismanaged operation.

How many times are we left waiting only to find out there are no Pilots, or we are waiting for Pilots? How many times are we left to board an aircraft with a broken APU? No A/C? How often are we waiting indefinite hours to speak with someone at the Hotel/Limo desk or Crew Tracking?

Sitting on tarmacs in planes for hours, being stranded in airport terminals with tired and angry passengers puts a target on our backs. Our passengers see us as the face of American Airlines, and they are taking out their anger and frustration on us.

Amy and I realize how horrendous this last year has been and especially these last few days. At this point, what we need is data. We need as much information as possible about what you have experienced.

Please keep it simple and in bullet points:

  • Name
  • Employee #
  • Base
  • Lineholder or Reserve
  • Sequence number and date.
  • How long were you on hold with CS or Tracking?
  • How long were you without hotel accommodations?
  • Was Bizhero activated?
  • Did Bizhero work?


Please access the APFA hotline below to review Section 10.J of our Contract that addresses Rescheduling. There are resources available to use while we stand together, fighting this injustice. We need to arm ourselves to be prepared for what lies ahead.

Are You Being Rescheduled? Do You Have Deadheading Questions?

In Solidarity,

Amber De Roxtra
APFA DFW Base President
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Amy Knox Green
APFA DFW Base Vice President
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