8.08.21 – New Methods to Access Your Inflight Manual

Sunday, August 8, 2021

New Methods to Access Your Inflight Manual

With the latest manual revision came significant changes to missing, inoperative, or out-of-date tablet procedures at non-base stations. There are now two new methods of ensuring you have access to the Inflight Manual (IFM) if you find yourself in this situation.

If you are at a non-base station and your tablet is missing, inoperative, or unable to update, you are now permitted to use a deadheading or non-revenue Flight Attendant’s tablet to access the IFM. The deadheading/non-rev flight attendant must be traveling on your flight and must provide their consent.If you cannot use another Flight Attendant’s tablet to access the IFM, contact Daily Ops, and a Duty Manager will authorize a downloadable version of the IFM that you will be able to access on your PED temporarily. After arriving at a base station and securing a loaner tablet, you will be required to delete the IFM from your PED.

  • Daily Ops can be contacted at 682-315-7070 or 888-222-4737 

If you cannot access the IFM via either of the methods mentioned above, contact Daily Ops and request a printed manual. Upon arrival at a base station, be sure to exchange the paper manual for a loaner tablet so Flight Service can securely dispose of the paper manual.

Flight Service Base Operation’s contacts and operating hours are in the IFM: Work and Conduct Rules > FA Electronic Device Policies > Base Stations. 

For more guidelines on the new ways to access the IFM, refer to the IFM > General Policies and Procedures > Inflight Manual and FA Tablet (EFB) > FA Tablet (EFB) Missing, Inoperative, or IFM Unable to Update.

As always, consider filing a Cabin ASAP report whenever you find yourself with a missing, inoperative, or out-of-date IFM.

In Solidarity,

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