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8.22.21 – APFA LGA Base Brief – Hurricane Henri Update

Sunday, August 22, 2021

APFA LGA Base Brief – Hurricane Henri Update

Hurricane conditions continue to be unpredictable in NYC and surrounding areas. The company continues to monitor how this storm develops. The heaviest of rain and wind is expected to begin just before midday. The most important thing you can do is put your safety first.

In my discussions with the company, we agreed to allow Flight Attendants who have a pairing on August 22nd to park at the airport proximity lot. Upon return, we submit a receipt of payment for reimbursement. This is neither a contractual right nor an obligation, so please be mindful of this local understanding between management and me. There is no other reimbursement, except for parking. If you take public transportation or livery service, the company will not reimburse at the moment unless circumstances change, and they agree to do so. This does not mean that if you find yourself in a unique situation, you cannot bring your issue forward to me. I can present it to the company.

If you drive, please ensure you have enough gas for slow driving.

Please ensure you take any medication or dietary components you need with you before departing.

Keep the local MOD phone number handy should you encounter any issues on the road and need to advise of later arrival.

Please take a snapshot of your pairing before any changes and take as many photos as necessary should it change.

I will be on call the entire day for emergencies. Please follow up with a text if you call and get my voicemail. Questions about legalities and scheduling should be directed to our APFA live-chat reps.

APFA Live Messaging

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Keep your legality calculation charts handy & resort to the abundance of rescheduling hotlines posted by the APFA contract team.

If you care for a loved one, and cannot leave them alone, you have babysitting issues, or any problem that can put you or your loved ones at risk, please do not wait until the last minute to call for a PO. This is a courtesy to our colleagues who must also plan to get to the airport. Remember the first PO request is made to scheduling, the second to FSM/MOD.

JFK MOD 718-487-7882
LGA/EWR MOD 718-476-4320
DAILY OPS 682-315-7070

Social media is an excellent source of information and misinformation. When possible, rely on your reps to answer questions or members with contract knowledge.

If you experience any adverse condition due to the storm as the day progresses, take snapshots. This is good for taking care of attendance and performance points, and may serve in claims with insurance companies if necessary.

** If you text message me, please include your name, employee number, pairing number, or a snapshot of your Hi3 that would provide all of the above, along with a short line on what the issue is.

I assure you that your local APFA representatives are prepared to assist you, hoping things will not be as tricky as reported. Nonetheless, take precautions whenever necessary. The local Sr. Base Manager, Shelly-Ann Smith and I have coordinated for different scenarios, and collaboratively we will get past this storm.

Please, fly & stay safe.

In Unity,<

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APFA LGA Base President
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APFA LGA Base Vice President

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