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8.23.21 – APFA LAX Base Brief – Update for August 23, 2021

Monday, August 23, 2021

APFA LAX Base Brief

Hey All,

This update will cover 8 topics:

  1. September 2021 Bid Award Summary
  2. Massive IPD Cuts Systemwide
  3. EVLOA Recalls
  4. Aircraft Staffing
  5. Pay Claims
  6. Hotels
  7. TWA Hotel
  8. CRAF Flying Activated

September 2021 Bid Award Summary

Bid Summary

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  • Targeted line average – 78.90
  • Requested line average – 77.10
  • Actual line average – 76.48
  • MIN – NO MIN
  • MAX –  NO MAX
  • High lines – 288
  • Low lines – 439
  • Vacation Low (Eligible) – 326
  • Vacation Low (Awarded) – 80
  • Last awarded Vacation Low – LAX line number 1400
  • Average days off – 18.83
  • Lines awarded from layers 1-3 -63.05%
  • Lines built from LN – 5.07%
  • Open Time Percentage Remaining – 2.21%
  • Lineholders – 1470
  • Reserves – 256
  • VLOAs – 0
  • Inactive – 161


PBS Misward Process

With the closure of the FABRC, the company implemented a web-based misaward process that can be accessed through Crew Portal.

To file a PBS misaward claim, go to the home page of Crew Portal; click on LINKS on the right-hand side of the page; click on SUPPORT TAB in the drop-down menu; and fill out the form.

All PBS misaward claims are contractually due by the 24th of this month.  Once you have received a response from the Misaward team, please email with any questions.


Min/Max (Constraints)

The September 2021 LAX bid awards came with no min and no max constraints.

Other factors, however, may come into play when constructing lines in the absence of base max constraints, such as:

  • Too many restrictions, ie. properties and days off, in layers 1-7;
  • Not bidding enough sequences;
  • Bidding a low TCR in one of the first layers;
  • Not bidding a TCR at all;
  • Not bidding all layers; and
  • Layers containing zero sequences due to bidding conflicts


Most of these can also result in a Layer None (LN) award in which you not only receive a low line value but also sequences you do not want.

Prior to submitting your final bid, it is a good idea to check the Layer Tab, ensuring that each layer is populated. From the Layer Tab, you can click on each layer to verify your pairing pool.

If you have questions regarding the line value you were awarded, file a PBS Misaward claim through the Crew Portal. You should also file a claim via the PBS Misaward Report Form on the home page at

LN Awards

Layer None (LN) awards are at 5.07% for SEPTEMBER 2021

Layer None (LN) awards were 18.7% for MAY 2021; 6.72% for JUNE; 10.28% for JULY, and 4.68% for AUGUST.

This means that a much higher percentage of LAX flight attendants were awarded trips from their 7 layers for the SEPTEMBER bid month relative to MAY; JJNE and JULY, and about even with AUGUST.

Coverage Needed (CN) Days

For September 2021, there were no CN assignments for Lineholders.

Click Here for CN Days for Reserve Flight Attendants at LAX.

Reserve CN assignments began at LAX line 1013 (system seniority number 13236) for SEPTEMBER 2021.

Sequence Distribution

September 2021

  • 1-Day 31%
  • 2-Day 48%
  • 3-Day 16%
  • 4-Day 5%

August 2021

  • 1-Day 33%
  • 2-Day 44%
  • 3-Day 15%
  • 4-Day 11%

For compassion purposes, here are the sequence length distribution percentages for June 2021 and July 2021:

June 2021

  • 1-Day 30%
  • 2-Day 45%
  • 3-Day 16%
  • 4-Day 9%

July 2021

  • 1-Day 27%
  • 2-Day 48%
  • 3-Day 15%
  • 4-Day 10%

ODAN activity at LAX is as follows:

September 2021

  • 0 starts per day

August 2021

  • 1.5 starts per day

July 2021

  • 3.3 starts per day

June 2021

  • .1 starts per day

May 2021

  • 0 starts per day

LAX Block Hours

  • September 2021 – 102,229
  • August 2021 – 106,746
  • July 2021 – 107,921
  • June 2021 – 107,923

System Block Hours

  • September 2021 – 1,109,917
  • August 2021 – 1,117,647
  • July 2021 – 1,208,391
  • June 2021 – 1,035,572

Massive IPD Cuts Systemwide

At least one blog posted last week the details of AA’s planned massive IPD cuts to the bases of JFK, PHL MIA and DFW. The company claims that these cuts are temporary but those of us based at LAX have heard that before.

While the blog claims the cuts are due to delays in 787 deliveries, one can only surmise as to the effect declining demand and new COVID surges are having. I am not persuaded by the delay 787 delivery excuse.

This cut is, indeed, massive. As we are painfully aware, LAX has already been cut to the bone. The cancellation of plans to resume the second daily LAX-LHR delivers yet another unwelcome blow.

American Slashes Long-Haul While Delta, JetBlue, and Spirit Cut Further Out

On a related note, there continues to be a big question mark over when LAX-HND will resume.

In most cases, the return of IPD flying is linked to:

  • lifting or easing of governmental restrictions
  • return of demand

EVLOA Recalls

The prevailing open question is, “Will there be enough flying for all of us?” APFA National is addressing this and a myriad of other issues related to the recall of EVLOA Flight Attendants.

The conditions currently facing Flight Attendants on the line are appalling. Brutal sequences; constant reschedules; reserve seniority at stratospheric levels; the daily abuse of reserve flight attendants and the sheer lack of humanity in how the operational side is “operating” all point to the need for more flight attendants on the line.

How the massive cuts to IPD affects the staffing needs also needs to be addressed. While, on the one hand,  brutal sequences; stratospheric reserve numbers and rescheduling needs to stop, we also don’t want to end up in a new round of Hunger Games.

Please stay tuned to Hotlines and company communications on these issues.

Aircraft Staffing

While we have no date for the return of full service, increased loads and the return of passenger expectations point to the imminent need for the return of our staffing to aircraft where staffing was cut during the depths of the pandemic.

The return of staffing should be a priority for APFA. I have not an opportunity to address the return of staffing both with APFA National and the Company.

Stay tuned.

Pay Claims

Pay claims are at an all-time high. Once you have received an answer from Direct Connect, and if you have further questions, please email your FSM with a copy to APFA.


The APFA Hotel Department continues to work tirelessly to address all hotel and limo (including LAX co-terminal transportation) issues.

Please continue to submit your reports to

TWA Hotel

I was given incorrect information in July related to August LAX sequences not being placed at the TWA Hotel. It now appears that some flights are indeed going to the TWA Hotel, especially towards the end of the month.

A complete JFK-area hotel review is being done in September by the APFA Hotel Department, APA and the Company.

Please continue to submit your reports on both properties currently used. There are three new full-service properties opening soon in the JFK area, and those will be evaluated, as well.

CRAF Flying Activated

The US Government announced Stage 1 of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet in connection with the evacuation of Afghanistan. Since the announcement was just made today, there are no details as of yet as to what part AA will plus in CRAF, i.e. departure and arrival points; composition of trips, etc.

Each August 31, the company puts out a communication announcing bidding for additional volunteers for inclusion on the CRAF list. This bidding takes place from September 15th through 30th. The list is cumulative from year to year.

If you had previously bid to be placed on the CRAF list, please verify your place on the list which can be found on the Flight Service website. The next bidding period for additions to the list begins September 15th.

If you wish for your name to be removed from the list, you must provide written notice to AA I’m accordance with Section D.1. of the contract. There is a 30-day waiting period during which time you would be subject to a CRAF assignment obligation.

Section 19 of the JCBA details all aspects of the CRAF operation for Flight Attendants.

Bidding to be added to the CRAF list takes place every year between September 15th and 30th per the contract.

Please stay tuned to your CCI on August 31st for a message detailing the annual CRAF list process.

Per Julie Hedrick today – “CRAF sequences created prior to 0800CT the day before origination will be awarded in CRAF system seniority order. Sequences created after 0800CT the day before will be awarded at the crew base the sequence originates.

We have a sequence departing tonight from JFK that was created last night.  It was crewed within the base due to the short notice.”

Have a great week.

In Solidarity,

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