8.25.21 – September 11th Unity Remembrance Pin

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Dear Flight Attendants,

Aviation security is personal to us. No matter the uniform we wear, the routes we fly, or the years we have worn our wings, we will always remember the events of September 11th, lift up our heroes and do everything in our power to ensure the events are never repeated.

Everything changed twenty years ago, on September 11, 2001. We are not only first responders to emergencies affecting the health and safety of our passengers and other crewmembers, we are also our nation’s last line of defense in aviation security.

Watch the 20-Year September 11th Remembrance Unity Video with APFA National President Julie Hedrick, United AFA MEC President Ken Diaz, and AFA International President Sara Nelson:

Across the industry we are united. Our September 11th Unity Remembrance Pin was designed in solidarity with the Association of Flight Attendants to honor our heroes. APFA and AFA members lost their lives on September 11, 2001, but Flight Attendants across the industry – whether in our unions or not – feel the significance of this day and promise alongside us to never forget. We welcome all Flight Attendants across the industry to wear this pin representing the crews of all four flights and the bond we have as Flight Attendants.

Wear this pin on September 11th and throughout the month of September, along with your official APFA pin. Contact your Base Representatives to find out how to obtain a pin locally, or request one sent from APFA Headquarters using this form.

Join us for a moment of silence and quiet reflection at 8:46 AM Eastern Time on Saturday, September 11th. Together, our unions will attend services at our nation’s three national memorials and the United States Capitol to ensure the public remembers the sacrifice of Flight Attendants. Our Union websites include a list of services around the country.

This year we applied the lessons of September 11th to fight hard for our careers in the midst of a new crisis that could have again crippled our industry. Our efforts to care for each other, maintain our role as aviation’s first responders, and protect our jobs are all part of keeping the promise to Never Forget. It is through adversity that this promise is tested. Still, we will never waiver, and we will always stay united in our resolve to protect, defend, and advance our careers – especially in honor of those we’ve lost.

We will never forget our heroes, and we will always seek to honor their sacrifice with our actions – not only through our work for safer skies but in the way we contribute to each of our communities at home and those we visit around the world.

Twenty-five Flight Attendants, eight Pilots, and three Customer Service Agents died on September 11th. Today and every day, we honor their memory. We will never forget.

In Solidarity,

AFA International Officers

Sara Nelson, International President
Debora Sutor, International Vice President
Kevin Creighan, International Secretary-Treasurer

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