8.27.21 – APFA DCA Base Brief: Professional Standards/ EAP

Friday, August 27, 2021

“Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions.”  ~P. Chodron

As Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) fines for unruly passengers tops $1 million for the first time, it’s no wonder we are seeing a significant increase in Peer-to-Peer or customer stressors and conflicts. Here are some Q&As that may help as we navigate through these common triggers.

1.  Can a Flight Attendant be videoed or photographed without their approval?

No. “Unauthorized photography or video recording of Airline Personnel, other Customers, Aircraft Equipment, or Procedures is prohibited.”
Sources: Inflight Manual (IFM) & Seat Back Insert Folder

2. When should Flight Attendants begin the Inflight Service?

If safe to do so, “No later than 12-15 minutes following the end of Sterile Flight Deck.”  IFM & Onboard Service Manual (OSM)

3. Can any Flight Attendant make an Onboard PA Announcement?

Yes. This can be coordinated during the FA Pre-Flight Briefing. It is not always feasible for the #1/Purser to make every PA, especially with unforeseen safety issues such as turbulence or a disruptive passenger, where time is of the essence.

4. With the Onboard Federal Mask Mandate extension, what should I do if flying with a fellow FA or Pilot who won’t comply? 

  1.    Call the Ethics Hotline.
  2.    Contact your Professional Standards Team or Base Leadership.
  3.     Immediately call off the trip sequence and go to Starbucks.

Although “C” may be tempting, please try “B” first.

We also work well with the Allied Pilots Association (APA) Professional Standards Team to rectify these sticky situations.

Flight Attendant Drug & Alcohol Program (FADAP) Convention

Last week APFA National President Julie Hedrick, Leadership, and EAP & Professional Standards Representatives attended this annual convention along with 25 other airlines, including Alaska, Air Wisconsin, Delta, Frontier, Hawaiian, Jet Blue, Omni International, Spirit, Southwest, & United.

In addition to the fast-paced and informative 3-day training, it is always inspiring to hear raw firsthand accounts from FAs as to how FADAP saved their lives and careers.

Did you know that approximately 43 million people have experienced some trauma or mental health issue, and less than 12% seek treatment?

Along with the Employee Assistance Program, Wings of Sobriety, and Flight Attendants in Recovery (FAIR), FADAP is one more successful tool and resource to offer a Flight Attendant who may be struggling.

Now more than ever, let’s ensure no one suffers in silence!

DCA FADAP Participants (L to R) Claudia Frye, Gaby Jimenez, Di Britton, and Charlotte Lewis

APFA FADAP Conference Participants

In Unity,

Your Professional Standards/ EAP Representatives

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Charlotte Lewis (703) 728-6930    clewis@apfa.org
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