9.22.21 – APFA CLT Base Brief – September 22, 2021

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

CLT Flight Attendants:

Here are a few reminders on several subjects and answers to a few of the common questions you have been sending our way.

PBS Mis-awards
Questions on Scheduling Systems Issues (i.e. TTS run) or Pay Discrepancies

If you think you have a mis-award, follow these steps to help us research the problem.

  1. Check your award and your bid, sometimes the answer is how the bid was placed. Check the pairing and line properties for possible conflicts. Check your Target Credit Range to make sure it falls in line with the monthly minimum or maximum- make sure you have bids that fall within the range you have bid. Don’t forget to look at any vacation you have also. Make sure your trips you have bid are equal to or greater than your TCR.
  2.  If you still think there was an error in processing your award, Complete the Support Tab link on the FA Portal- Log into the portal, go to the far right and look for “Links”, click on this and select the “Support” tab from the drop-down boxes. Select the system you have a discrepancy with (PBS mis-award for example), complete the fields on the form. This action starts an investigation by the Company.
  3. Complete the mis-award form on APFA.org. When you log in, scroll down the home page until you see the Blue Icons. Select the system you are disputing, for instance- PBS Miss Awards. Complete the fields, be sure to include any information you can on these forms- such as screen shots or denied direct connect claims if it is pay related. These forms start an investigation by the union.


Here are some helpful links:


When researching a discrepancy, it is best to have the Company and the union both looking at the incident. Many times, we can come to a conclusion faster and reach an agreement on how to proceed. There are several subjects you can use the APFA forms to report incidents and discrepancies, not just mis-awards, but also Hotel and transportation issues, rescheduling questions and report early boarding violations. These forms will ask for all the information we will need to start an investigation and are very helpful to us when trying to research a complaint or violation.

PBS Mis-Awards also include Reserve issues, a common question we receive on Reserve lines is;

Q: I was the number 1 senior reserve for bidding days off, why did I not hold the dates I wanted?

A; Legalities come into play before seniority. Let’s say we have 200 Reserves for October and the company wants 150 reserves on the first day. That leaves 50 spots open for people to bid that day off. The computer will then look at vacation on the first. Say 20 people have vacation, that leaves 30 people. Now, let’s say 40 people have carry over trips and those people want to waive to have those as days off. That now means all 50 spots have been taken and it actually leaves the company in a 10-person deficit for the number of reserves they wanted. This means that no one, regardless of seniority, will hold that day off. We often see this on holidays, the first 2 or 3 days of a month, or even the last couple of days. Just like Lineholders, Reserves also have coverage needed days.

If you have Reserve questions on bidding you can submit questions on these forms or call your Local Union Reps for assistance- 704-665-7474. Or contact the APFA Contract and Scheduling desk at 817-540-0108.

Mandatory Meetings

Remember, if you are being placed on a level of discipline, please make sure you are in touch with a Union Rep if you have a meeting scheduled with your FSM or AFSM. We strongly encourage a Union Rep be present with you during such meetings. Please reach out as soon as possible if you are notified of a meeting to allow us to check availability of an APFA Representative.

Web-Based Training (WBT)

As a reminder, a combined Flight Service and Corporate WBTs has been loaded into the learning Hub. The deadline for completion is November 15th. Do not count on an extension. Failure to meet the deadline will result in a missed assignment. Flight Attendants returning from EVLOAs must complete the modules within 60 days of their return.

Reserve out of Base

The Company has initiated a crack down on Reserve out of Base. While we do not have a residency requirement, JCBA Section 12.H.1. states a Reserve shall be required to report within 2 hours from the time she/he is notified of a sequence by Crew Scheduling. JCBA Section 37.I. outlines the commuter policy and states, “The commuting Flight Attendant must make every reasonable effort to arrive in the crew base at least one hour to scheduled check in or the start of a reserve availability period.” Plan ahead and remember to leave a backup flight to be covered under the commuter policy.


Your APFA Contract ACTION Team Wants YOU! – Sign Up Today!

On September 16, 2021, APFA National Leadership and our Negotiations Team held an APFA Negotiations Virtual Town Hall to answer your questions about the progress our negotiations team has been making in securing a better contract for our future at American Airlines. During the Town Hall, the APFA Contract ACTION Team organizers Deborah Volpe and Ankit Patel announced the launch of the Contract ACTION e-mail campaign and the importance of getting the membership involved by talking to one another, and engaging APFA as your representation in the bargaining process. That is where you come in!

One of the strengths of the Charlotte base is its reputation for being outspoken about critical issues we face daily! From first-hand and in-person experience during 2018’s wAAke Up American! National Day of Action, and this year’s informal picket to secure Payroll Support Program funding, I have seen the fighting spirit that so many of us have, and it is once again time to put our strength to good use! One frustrating drawback is that much of our voice stops after we click “POST” on the various social media outlets, and doesn’t have any effect beyond being just that, an outlet making you feel good in the moment.

Whether this is the first, or the last contract of your career, remember, nothing can or will change without your active involvement. The future at American Airlines depends on YOU! Well, here is your chance! You can sign up to be an Activist for Contract ACTION by downloading and sharing the blue QR code, included below, with your coworkers. You may also sign up by clicking here.

But wait! There’s more! 

You can view the status of the ongoing negotiations, learn about the process during Section 6 Negotiations, and even contact the team with your top concerns, by going to the APFA Negotiations website or by e-mailing them directly at negotiate@apfa.org.

Before I sign off, we can all commiserate in our frustrations that this summer’s operational meltdowns as it relates to fatigue-inducing trip construction, endless delays, and the inexcusable mishandling of our crew accommodations, which as it happens, is a major item in discussion during negotiations! Like you, I have never been more tired in my career than I have been in this past year, and I have not been shy in letting management know exactly how I feel about it and you should too!! I have also included an additional QR code for you to share and a link to directly reach American Airlines Chief Operating Officer David Seymour to tell him ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!. You may also find the form to send the letter by clicking here.

In closing, thank you for your fighting spirit and your willingness to be outspoken as a collective base. Keep it up and sign up to be a Contract ACTION activist TODAY!


Ian Funderburg
APFA CLT Contract ACTION Representative


APFA Charlotte thanks each and every one of you for your hard work and dedication you portray every day. We still have many challenges and changes we will have to face until this pandemic nightmare is finally over. We are seeing some positive movement in many ways, but we know we still have a long way to go. If you are feeling stressed or finding it harder to cope, you are not alone. We can help. Reach out to our EAP reps- it’s private, confidential, and can be a lifesaver. You can reach a rep at eap@apfa.org or call the National office at (817) 540-0108 ext. 8701. Your Charlotte APFA team is also available by calling (704) 665-7474.

Take care of yourselves and each other,

The Charlotte APFA Team

In Solidarity,

Scott Hazlewood
APFA CLT Base President


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