9.30.21 – APFA Contract ACTION Team – What is Section 6 Negotiations?

Thursday, September 30, 2021

APFA Contract ACTION Team – What is Section 6 Negotiations?

Knowledge is power—a simple statement that carries a lot of weight.

As our contract negotiations proceed, we must understand the process of negotiations conducted under Section 6 of the Railway Labor Act.

The Railway Labor Act is a federal law enacted by Congress in 1926 to regulate labor relations for private-sector rail and air carriers.

The negotiation process is outlined in Section 6 of the Railway Labor Act. Our current collective bargaining agreement (JCBA) will remain in effect throughout negotiations.

Negotiations under Section 6 outlines the process that either leads the Union and management to reach an agreement or, after following the required steps (see chart below), be released for self-help (strike).

(click to enlarge)

Our membership will be actively engaging in ACTIONs designed to have our voices heard during the process rather than waiting until the later part of the process should the parties be at an impasse.

The video below explains the Railway Labor Act as well as the process of Section 6 negotiations.  Please take a few minutes to watch it and share it with our fellow crewmembers.

The more we learn about the process, the more prepared we will be to engage in ACTION events designed to support our contract negotiations.

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