9.30.21 – Crew Portal Outage

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Crew Portal Outage

We are aware that Crew Portal has experienced intermittent outages all day. We have been in continuous contact with Flight Service as they work to determine the root cause of the failure. All of the systems are accessed through Crew Portal and a blunder of such a crucial tool affects everything from simply accessing sequence and hotel information, to submitting TTS/UBL ballots, ROTA/D bids and executing ETB transactions.

We have already received reports from Flight Attendants who have not been able to submit UBL ballots, which resulted in trips going to Reserves instead. These types of failures affect Reserve utilization and ultimately drive up the Reserve numbers.

If, as a result of this failure, you have been unable to access any of these systems to submit ballots or conduct any other business, please submit a form via the Support Tab on Crew Portal (Crew Portal > Links > Support Tab > System).

Additionally, we ask that you submit a Scheduling System Issues Report Form at APFA.orgso we can track the impact.

We have seen an alarming number of systems failures over the last several months. Management needs to ensure adequate resources are invested in technology, so Flight Attendants can successfully navigate their schedules and assignments.

Please reach out to your Flight Service Manager via email to share your feedback regarding these systems failures. Management needs to know how this impacts your quality of life. Feel free to copy in your APFA Base President and/or Vice President as well as contract@apfa.org and scheduling@apfa.org in your emails to Flight Service Managers on this incredibly important matter.

In Solidarity,

Jeff Petersen
APFA National Contract Chair

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APFA National Scheduling Chair

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