10.04.21 – APFA MIA Base Brief – November 2021 Allocations

Monday, October 4, 2021

November 2021 Staffing and Allocations

The total headcount for November will be 2,735. This represents an increase of 222 heads from October and is attributed to the returning EVLOAs, and vacancy transfers. We are still down about 1100 heads or 25% from pre-COVID levels. There will be 26 displaced Flight Attendants returning in November, and 81 returning in December. Welcome back!!!!! We are optimistic this trend will continue as flying returns system wide.

The Reserve percentage for November is projected at 14.5% up slightly from 14.1% last month. This is once again good news as the Company has been relying on historical data instead of inflating the percentage based on speculation, as evidenced in previous months. We are hopeful they continue to use this metric.

Miami had 85 VEOPs fall off the system seniority roster in October. There were 756 system wide. The next seniority shuffle will be in late January.

Miami’s total block hours for November increased 6.3%. This is mostly attributed to an increase in frequencies, and the return of IPD flying.

After reviewing the preliminary allocations, some of our ODANs had noticeably shorter sit times. I advised the Company that ODANs should have a minimum of seven hours sit time especially in markets such as MSY, BNA and ATL due to the location of the hotel, and transportation issues. The Company agreed to increase the sit times in December.

We have seen an improvement in the number of 4-leg days. September was at 3.6%, and November has improved to 1.5% of the pairing pool. Each month I point out how unsafe these are, and how they contribute to lost time. I will continue to stress the importance of eliminating them all together.

I am happy to report that American will resume daily 787 service to CDG and EZE. CDG with a 24-hour layover, and EZE will have a 37- hour layover. BCN will not operate the first half of the month and beginning on 11/18 will resume daily service on a 787. MAD, LHR, and TLV will see minor changes to departure and arrival times.

GIG will operate daily on the 787 with a 40-hour layover. GRU will operate 777-300 service daily with a 40-hour layover and will add a second flight on the 787 with a 17-hour layover. The additional flight will operate on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays throughout the month.

Wide body turns will include PUJ, BOG, MBJ, UIO, GYE, LAX, LAS, BOS, JFK, PHL, and DFW.

Wide-body 2-day trips will include DFW, and JFK paired as a 1/1. DFW with a 30-hour layover, and JFK with a 12-hour layover. LAX will operate a daily wide-body Transcon with an 11-hour layover which does not cross midnight on either end.

These are only a few of the highlights as the preliminary bidsheet is very fragmented. Many sequences will only operate sporadically due to frequency adjustments, and changes in departure and arrival times.

Here are the staffing numbers and trip composition numbers:

Total block hours for November 2021: 159,552

  • MIA: 146,519
  • FLL: 5,741
  • PBI:  2,966
  • MCO: 2,442
  • ATL:  1,884


In Solidarity,

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