10.04.21 – APFA ORD Base Brief – October 4, 2021

Monday, October 4, 2021

Air Rage Event

ORD Leadership, joined by Lori Vitto-Glatty (APFA Government Affairs Co-Chair) and CLT FA Teddy Andrews, participated in the Chicago Federation of Labor, Airport Labor Committee Air Rage event 9/29/21. It is important for the APFA to be an active member of the ALC.  Now, more than ever, unionized workers need to work collaboratively to build solidarity and strengthen the labor movement. It was good to hear comments from all workgroups at the event. Passenger misconduct is a problem both on the ground and in the air. We were happy to be joined by AA Flight Attendant Teddy Andrews. He had shared his brave story just the week before when testifying before Congress. The Chicago event helps keep focus on air rage and its impact on safety.

ORD Parking Badge

The City of Chicago has informed the Company that the yellow SIDA (parking) badge will be eliminated at some point in January 2022 due to changes in badge readers at various access points. The green SIDA badge will become the only option for accessing the employee parking lot in early 2022.  Keep in mind, this is the city of Chicago after all, so these timelines may be fluid. We highly suggest getting the badge change done sooner than later. In some cases, you will need to be fingerprinted. That can be a time-consuming process in itself. There are so many variables depending on when your yellow badge expires. please call the K19 Service Center for assistance or with questions at 773-686-2615.

My View – Attendance/Performance

The attendance audit is complete and corrections are now reflected in MyView. Sick calls between March 1, 2020 and August 13, 2021 should be cleared out and banked points used for sick calls during the amnesty period restored or applied to other attendance/performance events. Please review your record and reach out to your Attendance FSM with questions or to report any discrepancies,

AA Connect Program

A recent email went out regarding ORD being a test base for the Flight Service “Connect” meeting. Participation during the test period is voluntary and paid $25. The APFA has made sure these meetings will not address any issues that could lead to disciplinary action. We understand the intent to be for the FSM to reconnect with, and hear FA comments/concerns/feedback. Please reach out to your FSM with any questions.


As previously communicated by the Company, the system wide November job hours have increased month over month and are greater than July 2021. ORD numbers: NOV 128,448 — OCT 123,594 — JUL 124,685. Systemwide reserve percentage is 16.2%. ORD is at 15.2%, with 314 total reserves. The expected line average at PBS opening is 80.3, a little higher than we prefer but matches the systemwide number.


After months of struggling, there were small improvements in the October allocations. We hoped that positive trend would continue into November.  But no!  Sequence construction will look similar month-over-month, with a slight change in trip length distribution. In trying to drive down the number of 4-day pairings, and increase 1-days systemwide, there was an increase in 3-days systemwide. We will continue to push for needed improvements.

ODAN starts per day decreased to 10.9 versus October 15.7. Many have the longer ground time, which we know is desirable.

Please be kind to each other and stay safe out there!

In Solidarity,

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