10.05.21 – APFA PHL Base Brief – November 2021 Staffing and Allocations

Tuesday, October 5, 2021


The company started making quality of life improvements with the October allocations, indicating that we would see additional improvement for November. We have many sequences that have a long duty day followed by a short layover. In most cases, the layover is shorter than the duty day. Our sit times have increased dramatically. This was addressed on our allocations call, and the specific trips that we identified were sent in an email to the company and APFA Scheduling Chair Marti McMillan.

We have an increase in domestic wide-body flying for November. We have an increase of ODANs and high-time turns, and “pink-eyes” have returned. As a reminder, certain destinations require a vaccine even for flight crews flying in and out. Please check your COVID-19 Destinations in Comply365 before bidding.

PHL will be operating the six-day LHR/SEA trip again for November. Around the holiday, the sequence has different variations. As a reminder, this trip does not have a home, and the company will move it to whatever base makes sense and use it to add additional block hours to a base that needs it. This trip is the only IPD PHL will be operating in November. We will have the start-up for DUB on December 1st, and it is only scheduled to operate in the first half of December.

Staffing and Allocations Information

The system line average is projected at 80.3. The reserve percentage systemwide remained the same as October at 16.2%.

We have seen an increase in block hours for November at 119,288 with 5,305 in PIT. We had 113,733 block hours for October. The company will NOT be offering any VLOA’s for PHL. We are welcoming back the first group of Flight Attendants returning from EVLOA’s for November.

The first class of new hires will be graduating November 16th with base indocs being held November 22nd and available to fly November 23rd. Class two will graduate on November 23rd, with base indocs being held on November 29th and available to fly on November 30th. PHL is expecting to welcome Flight Attendants from both classes. We do not know how many yet.

Here are the preliminary numbers for November:

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