10.06.21 – APFA DCA Base Brief – November 2021 Allocations

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

November 2021 Allocations

When PBS processing begins, if additional Lineholders are needed, those with Reserve status will be changed to Lineholder status in the following order:

  1. Tentative Flight Attendants who were involuntarily moved to Reserve status.
  2. Reserve Flight Attendants who toggled to Pref LH in the LRD who were unable to hold Lineholder status in LRD.
  3. Most junior Reserve Flight Attendants involuntarily moved to Lineholder status after all the above have been utilized.


If you are in one of these 3 categories above, you will want to bid
7 layers of Reserve and 7 layers of Lineholder in PBS

  • DCA: 29,724 flying hours (-820 month-over-month)
  • IAD: 2,325  (+115)
  • BWI: 2,364 (+127)
  • 34,413 Total Flying Hours (DCA, IAD, BWI) (-578)


Expected opening PBS line average is 79.5. Overall combined co-terminal flying is down again for the second month in a row. We had anticipated increased block hours in November and are disappointed with the decrease. The return of almost 50 EVLOA FAs in November will help lower the PBS line average and hopefully helps to not have a min/max PBS solution, since we have additional headcount.

November DCA Flight Attendant Reserve Rotation starts at System Seniority 18,590 with an OCC date of April 28, 2014.

Final Notes for the DCA Base:

  • 675 combined sequences (DCA, IAD, BWI)
  • 159 total MAX sequences (some pure and some mixed)
  • The high time one day turns to LAX and LAS are only operating 3 days in the month, we have asked to bring those back in future months since they are a favorite of many FAs
  • Two leg 2-day trips with 25-hour RONs at LAX, LAS, operating throughout the month, but not daily
  • 2 leg 2 day “pink eye” or “rocket” PHX layover offered in November
  • Increase in 3-days and decrease in 4-days maintaining 1- and 2-day trip percentage
  • No ODANs but requested these be brought back to DCA as they too are popular
  • No redeyes


We have seen improvement with the overall bid sheet with reduced duty day lengths, increased layover rest times, decrease in productivity sit times, less legs per duty day and also, soft or credited time have increased. This is a start to the improvements we desire and deserve

Starting in November FAs and Pilots on sequences together flying into the hub cities of CLT and DFW will stay flying together out of those cities from the hours of 10AM –8PM, this is to help correct many of the misconnects we have been seeing throughout the summer and fall months. We are happy to see this since we have always supported co pairing with the pilots for safety and better CRM.

In closing, we would like to recognize you for ALL you do every day and for your dedication to the base and our Flight Attendant profession. This past year and half have seen the most challenges and have been the most unpredictable but yet you still came to work positive and professional. THANK YOU!

John Pennel
APFA DCA Base President


Dianne Britton
APFA DCA Base Vice President


Lisa Barnes
APFA DCA Base Council Representative – Allocations


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