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10.10.21 – Mid-Month Changes to Carryover Sequences

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Mid-Month Changes to Carryover Sequences

We have seen a rise in changes to carry-over sequences where the change is added mid-month.  The original sequence is removed with a ‘CH’ code, and a new 5-digit sequence is added with the same code.

The Company is calling these ‘changeover sequences’; however, there is no reference to ‘changeover sequences’ in the JCBA. The affected sequences may operate on more or less days, and the credit may be different. The adjustment to these sequences is made on the 10th or 11th of each month and published in the following month’s electronic bid package (see example below).

Changeover pairings were part of the Legacy AA contract, which allowed the Company to make changes to a carry-over trip without pay protection. The JCBA contains language that now provides pay protection for sequences that change from originally published sequences (10.J.2.a and b), as well as language for pay protection for segments that are flown by others. (10.J.10).

The sequence number will be changed if you have a carry-over sequence affected by this modification. TTS ballots will need to be changed to reflect the new sequence number.

Here are some examples of Carryover (CH) sequences:

Example 1:

Original Sequence: Current month electronic bid package

Carryover (CH) Sequence: Next month electronic bid package

In Example 1, there aren’t many changes to the sequence. The hotel information may or may not have changed, and there may be an aircraft change after the DFW-SAN segment on day one.

Example 2:

Original Sequence: Current month electronic bid package

Carryover (CH) Sequence: Next month electronic bid package

In Example 2, the DFW-MCI-DFW flying has been removed from the original sequence, which reduced the value of the trip from 11.39 to 10.00. The issue is that this flying was removed and added to sequence 24620, a DFW-MCI-DFW turn on August 1st, which will be crewed and flown once August PBS is awarded.

APFA has enlisted the assistance of our Negotiations Labor Attorney to challenge the Company’s position on changeover sequences. Please fill out a Scheduling System Issues report and contact your Base Leadership to file a Notice of Dispute (NOD) if you lose credit as a result of a changeover sequence. Please include the original sequence number and the changeover sequence number and date.

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