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11.02.21 – APFA PHL Base Brief – November 2, 2021

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

  • Meetings with a Flight Service Manager
  • Employee Parking
  • Reserve Reminders
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate
  • Retirement and PBS Town Halls Available



We are seeing a significant uptick in the number of meeting requests with FSMs, including your attendance flight service manager (AFSM). If you are called or sent a letter or email requesting a meeting, please contact us immediately for representation.

If you have a conversation with your manager over the phone, please ask questions and make sure you fully understand what the conversation is about and where it is leading and could land.

If a manager notifies you of a meeting, please call us to schedule representation at 215-360-3115.


If you park in the International Plaza parking lot, we have received notice that the privilege will end on November 15th. Any cars in the lot on that date and forward that do not have a Plaza parking tag will be towed.

If you need a parking pass for the employee lots, please start that process as soon as possible because it is a process. You will find information on PHL employee parking at Jetnet>Flight Service>Base News>Home Base.


The JCBA has no requirement for Reserve Flight Attendants to live within a certain distance of your base airport. It is important to remember that when on a Reserve Availability Period (RAP), you must be able to report to the airport within two hours (three hours at a co-terminal) from the time you have been notified of a sequence by crew scheduling.

JCBA 12.H.1 states:

The company is issuing final warnings, and in some cases, terminations for Reserve Flight Attendants who have been unable to report within the two-hour (three-hour at a co-terminal) report requirement during their applicable RAP. APFA has vigorously fought these terminations. We want to ensure you are not endangering your employment while serving Reserve. While on a RAP, please ensure that you can meet your contractual requirement in Section 12.H.1.

The company will pull your employee travel history and compare it to your reserve schedule. If they suspect you were not in position to accept an assignment, they will conduct a 35R investigation.


The deadline to provide a copy of your CDC vaccination card is November 24th. Reasonable accommodations are provided for under federal law for those with a qualified disability or sincerely held religious belief. The employee must request the accommodation and then provide all the information necessary to support the request. The employer must then engage in an interactive process with the employee to determine whether the employer can provide a reasonable accommodation without undue hardship. The company has not provided details on what, if any, alternatives will be offered for those who qualify for accommodation. It is recommended that you file for a reasonable accommodation as soon as possible to start the process if you have a qualifying situation.

More information on vaccinations and exemptions may be found here.


APFA recently held virtual town halls for Retirement and PBS refresher. All of the town halls may be found on the APFA website here.

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