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11.21.21 – APFA Contract ACTION Team Update – Sunday, November 21, 2021

Sunday, November 21, 2021

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The past few weeks we have been flying and talking with our co-workers. To date, our Activist List is growing, however; it needs to grow even more.

As the hotlines from our Negotiations Committee communicated, they are closing out Sections that were opened prior to the pandemic. Clearing these sections off the table will clear a path for the “meatier” sections to be negotiated.


The Contract Survey is the next step for our membership and Negotiations Committee. The data collective via the surveys, will assist the Negotiations Committee to formulate future comprehensive proposals.

The Contract Survey should be the lead item discussed with co-workers. One-on-one discussions still are the best avenue to spread the word on the survey as well as signing up Activists. The Contract Survey remains available on the APFA website until December 10th.


What do you tell them?  It’s imperative we build a network of Flight Attendants across the system that will be ready to take ACTION when called upon. While things have been a bit quiet, there’s nothing quiet about getting our co-workers ready.

To assist in this process, we are preparing handouts the size of a business card that contains the QR Code for signing up Activists for the Contract ACTION Team. We will also be sending these cards to new Activists as they sign up so they can join the movement to sign up more Flight Attendants.

In the next 4 to 6 weeks, each Contract ACTION Team member should set the goal of signing up at least 10 new Activists.

That’s not a difficult task and it can be accomplished with each sequence flown as well as while spending time in Crew Rooms/Ops.

It’s important to remember that things in negotiations will take a turn very quickly.  It is for this reason we need to have an extensive network of Flight Attendants ready when the Negotiations Committee calls for us to engage in ACTION events.

APFA PIN – “We Are All In; Wearing Our APFA Pin”.

The APFA Union pin is a critical part of showing solidarity to each other as well as sending a strong message to management that we are standing with our Negotiations Committee and ready to show maximum support for their efforts at the bargaining table.

We will be checking with Base Presidents about their stock of APFA pins as well as mailing pins to Core and Activists of the Contact ACTION TEAM.

We are also in the process of designing a new bag tag for our entire membership. This will be an important visual part of our campaign along with the APFA Pin.

NEW HIRES/Newest Generation

Finally, we begin welcoming our newest generation of Flight Attendants to the line. It is vitally important we introduce ourselves and welcome them to the flight line. Let’s remember how it felt when we first began our careers. The feeling of excitement coupled with anxiety will be what our newest co-workers will feel as they take their place next to us on our aircraft.

Let’s support and help to educate our newest generation. They will be able to vote on this upcoming contract, so let’s help them understand what’s at stake without telling them how to feel about issues. It’s not our place to convince them about Reserve Rotation vs other Reserve platforms. We need to show them how to access their contract, their base representatives, as well the process for negotiations and why their engagement will be an important part of us reaching a tentative agreement.

To receive the most up-to-date information regarding contract negotiations, visit best way to build our movement is to stay informed so we are ready when our Negotiations Committee makes the call for us to take ACTION.Send your questions to:

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