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12.20.21 – APFA LAX Base Brief – Update for Monday, December 20, 2021

Monday, December 20, 2021

APFA LAX Base Brief

Hey All,

This update will cover 3 topics:

  • PBS Bid Award Summary for January 2022
  • Latest LAX Bus Schedule
  • Contract ACTION Team


PBS Bid Award Summary for January 2022

A. Line Average

Targeted Line Average- 82.2
Requested Line Average- 80.56
Actual Line Average- 81.57

B. MIN/MAX Constraints

Min- 70 hours at sen 3480; 78 hours at sen 17171

The January 2022 LAX bid awards came with two minimum constraints: 70 hours at sen 3480, and 78 hours at sen 17171; and no maximum.

Other factors, however, may come into play when constructing lines in the absence of base max constraints, such as:
Too many restrictions, ie. properties and days off, in layers 1-7;

-Not bidding enough sequences;

-Bidding a low TCR in one of the first layers;

-Not bidding a TCR at all;

-Not bidding all layers; and

-Layers containing zero sequences due to bidding conflicts

Most of these can also result in a Layer None (LN) award in the default 70-90 hour range, as well as sequences you did not bid for (PN pairings).

Prior to submitting your final bid, it is a good idea to check the Layer Tab, ensuring that each layer is populated. From the Layer Tab, you can click on each layer to verify your pairing pool.

If you have questions regarding the line value you were awarded, file a PBS Misaward claim through the Crew Portal. You should also file a claim via the PBS Misaward Report Formon the home page at

C. High/ Low Lines

High lines- 237
Low Lines- 136

D. Vacation Low

Vacation Low (Eligible)- 241
Vacation Low (Awarded)- 81
Last awarded Vacation Low- sen 19913
All who bid vacation low were awarded low

E. Days Off

Average days off- 16.21

F. Layers

Lines awarded from Layers 1-3- 45.98%
Lines built from LN- 23.64%

G. Open Time 

Open time percentage remaining- 2.71%

H. Staffing Numbers

Lineholders- 1509
Reserves- 520
VLOAs- 0
Inactive- 220

I. PBS Misaward Process

With the closure of the FABRC, the company implemented a web-based misaward process that can be accessed through Crew Portal.

To file a PBS misaward claim, go to the home page of Crew Portal; click on LINKS on the right-hand side of the page; click on SUPPORT TAB in the drop-down menu; and fill out the form.

All PBS misaward claims are contractually due by the 24th of this month.  Once you have received a response from the Misaward team, please email with any questions.

J. Definitions

K. Reading the PBS Award

L. Coverage Needed (CN) Days

For January 2022, there were no Coverage Needed (CN) dates for Lineholders. The following CN dates were assigned to Reserves:

For more information on CN assignments, see the December 8, 2021 APFA hotline.

M. IPD Update

  • The company’s current plan is to resume the 2nd daily LHR and 2 daily HND by APRIL 2022. Also, in APRIL 22, SYD will he reduced to four times a week. No word yet on AKL and CHC.
  • Reductions will occur at the following IPD bases for the Summer of 2022:

N. Remaining Timelines

O. Updated LAX Bus Schedule

P. Contract ACTION Team

Scan the QR code below to join the LAX below to join the APFA HDQ Contract Team:

As we approach the end of another rough year, I wish you all the best for a wonderful holiday season and my hope for a better 2022 for us all.

Safe travels.

In Solidarity,

John Nikides
APFA LAX Base President

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