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12.20.21 – Support Tab and Direct Connect

Monday, December 20, 2021

Support Tab and Direct Connect

Since the Flight Attendant Bidding Resource Center (FABRC) closed over a year ago, there have been changes to how we address our issues or questions to the Company. Challenging misawards, reporting problems with the various scheduling systems, and communicating with several departments has migrated mainly to the Support Tab or Direct Connect on Crew Portal.

The Support Tab is used for PBS misawards, issues with LRD and Vacation, contacting the Base Planner and Manning/Planning, and technical issues with TTS, ETB, and ROTA/ROTD. Once you submit a form on the Support Tab, be sure to check back under Active Forms for a response from the department investigating your report.

On the other hand, Direct Connect is used to challenge suspected misawards with the scheduling tools (e.g., TTS/UBL, ETB, ROTA/ROTD) and other pay-related issues. If you suspect a misaward, you must file a Direct Connect claim and follow the Flight Attendant Misaward Procedures.

Direct Connect submissions go to a team at Crew Compensation. They create spreadsheets of the submissions and forward them to the appropriate departments for research and approval/denial of the claim. For example, misaward claims are sent to Crew Scheduling for review.

It normally takes 5-7 business days for the spreadsheets to be reviewed by the various departments. However, when major disruptions happen, the number of Direct Connect submissions increases, and the time it takes to investigate may take longer. The rescheduling issues we had over the summer required discussions and clarification between APFA and the company’s Labor Department. This delayed responses to rescheduling claims and backlogged Crew Scheduling’s research on other issues.

Direct Connect claims will show as pending until Crew Comp receives a response from the investigating department. Please be sure to read the complete response from Crew Comp. A common response is, “There are no changes to your schedule”. While this could indicate a denial, it could also mean it will be captured when Crew Compensation runs automated programs during monthly closeout. Closeout is completed during the first 9 days of the following month.

If you disagree with any of the responses you receive from Support Tab submissions or Direct Connect claims, reach out to us using the various contact forms found on APFA.orgso we can investigate and escalate if necessary.

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