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1.10.22 – APFA LAX Base Brief – Update for Monday, January 10, 2022

Monday, January 10, 2022

LAX Staffing and Allocations Information for February 2022 and Miscellaneous Updates

Hey All,

This update will cover the following 20 topics:

  • February 2022 Staffing
  • February 2022 Allocations
  • February 2022 Bidding Timeline
  • LAX Staffing Going Forward
  • 2022-2023 Vacation
  • Pandemic Leave
  • Aircraft Staffing
  • Onboard Service
  • Aircraft Cleaning Issues
  • LAX Parking Lot/World Way West
  • LAX Employee Bus Schedule
  • Non-Revving/LAX Employee Bus
  • Overhead Bins
  • London Forum Hotel Closing
  • JFK-Short Layover Hotel
  • New Tablet
  • Negotiations
  • CASK
  • Hope for a Better 2022 for All of Us


February 2022 Staffing Report

LAX Reserve Numbers

  • February 2022: 309
  • January 2022: 522
  • December 2021: 585
  • November 2021: 297
  • October 2021: 264
  • September 2021: 256
  • August 2021: 332
  • July 2021: 383
  • June 2021: 340


LAX Reserve Percentages

February 2022: 15.5%
January 2022: 25.5%
December 2021: 27.9%
November 2021: 14.8%
October 2021: 15.1%
September 2021: 14.8%
August 2021: 19.1%
July 2021: 22.0%
June 2021: 19.7%

The LAX Reserve percentage for February is at 15.5%.
The system Reserve averages range from a high of 24.8% to a low of 14.7% with the system average at 16.8%

Reserve Percentages for February 2022 by Base

  • BOS: 21.6%
  • CLT: 17.9%
  • DCA: 15.5%
  • DFW: 17.7%
  • LAX: 15.5%
  • LGA: 15.7%
  • MIA: 14.7%
  • ORD: 15.2%
  • PHL: 15.9%
  • PHX: 21.4%
  • SFO: 24,8%


Reserve percentages systemwide remain excessive, and could EASILY be reduced dramatically through the implementation of creative proposals such as the ones I have sent in repeatedly. LAX’s Reserve percentage remains one of the lowest in a field of comparators which, on a system basis, SHOULD be reduced OVERALL. It is, indeed, a truism that 15.5% would have sparked outrage years ago, yet now the Company has manipulated the system to the point where 15.5% is one of the lower percentages…a real world example of the “boiling frog” apologue.

System Reserve Averages

  • February 2022: 16.8%
  • January 2022: 27.2%
  • December 2021: 26.0%
  • November 2021: 16.2%
  • October 2021: 16.2%
  • September 2021: 21.1%
  • August 2021: 19.6%
  • July 2021: 21.8%
  • June 2021: 21.1%


February 2022 – Reserve System Seniority

NOTE: The stratospherically high LAX Reserve seniority, even with a Reserve percentage BELOW the systemwide average proves the damage that is being caused to this base by the Company’s refusal to return the displaced LAX Flight Attendants to the base, as well as in their refusal to open vacancy transfers and force flying in to LAX. Returning our headcount and Reserve seniority to what we had previously. Once the list is cleared, we would then be able to receive newly-graduated Flight Attendants, further reducing Reserve seniority.

Preliminary LAX Headcounts

February 2022

  • Total: 2,230
  • INA/PPO: 233
  • Lineholders: 1688
  • Reserves: 309

January 2022

  • Total: 2,264
  • INA/PPO: 220
  • Lineholders: 1,522
  • Reserves: 522

December 2021

  • Total: 2,279
  • INA/PPO: 183
  • Lineholders: 1,511
  • Reserves: 585

LAX Targeted Line Average

  • February 2022: 80.3 Hours
  • January 2022: 82.2 Hours

Target System Line Average

  • February 2022: 80.6 Hours
  • January 2022: 82.0 Hours


Targeted line averages systemwide range from a high of 81.5 to a low of 78.2

Zero (0) VLOAs Systemwide 


SADLY, NOTHING HAS CHANGED. The Company remains committed to its tone-deaf, demonstrably unsuccessful approach to staffing systemwide and most notably, in LAX.

RESERVE NUMBERS REMAIN EXCESSIVE AT ALL BASES. The refusal of the Company to consider creative options such as my repeated comprehensive proposal for a form of availability continue to feed this growing problem.

The Company’s answer to every problem is to put more of us on Reserve, rather than admitting to the endemic problems such as Flight Attendant fatigue; the overall exhaustion of the workforce; inhumane trip construction and the abuse of Reserves.

February 2022 Allocations

LAX Total Block Hours 

  • February 2022: 112,454
  • January 2022: 115,198
  • December 2021: 114,848
  • November 2021: 122,878
  • October 2021: 110,101
  • September 2021: 102,229
  • August 202l: 106,746
  • July 2021: 107,921
  • June 2021: 107,923


BOS, DFW, DCA, LAX, MIA and SFO have all experienced allocated block hour reductions between January 2022 and February 2022. The Allocations Department attributes the reductions in part to vacation hours scheduled in each base.

Co-Terminal and Satellite Block Hours

February 2022

  • LAS – 1,491
  • ONT – 4,746
  • SAN – 1,960
  • SNA – 6.083

January 2022

  • LAS – 1,436
  • ONT – 4,706
  • SAN – 1,876
  • SNA – 6,014

December 2021

  • LAS – 1,484
  • ONT – 4,718
  • SAN – 1,994
  • SNA – 5,918

System Block Hours 

  • February 2022: 1,208,005
  • January 2022: 1,205,731
  • December 2021: 1,223,645
  • November 2021: 1,249,726
  • October 2021: 1,191,749
  • September 2021: 1,109,917
  • August 2021: 1,173,936
  • July 2021: 1,208,391
  • June 2021: 1,035,572

Pairing Percentages

February 2022

  • 1-Days: 18%
  • 2-Days: 37%
  • 3-Days: 36%
  • 4-Days: 9%

January 2022

  • 1-Days: 19%
  • 2-Days: 33%
  • 3-Days: 40%
  • 4-Days: 9%

December 2021

  • 1-Days: 18%
  • 2-Days: 37%
  • 3-Days: 40%
  • 4-Days: 5%


The number of FOUR-DAYS is still way too high. It is apparent that the company refuses to track individual trips when it comes to sick calls. If they did, they would see the high number of four-days that end up in Open Time and on ETB. Despite management’s assertion that they do not work in silos, it is apparent that various components of Crew Resources do not speak to each other.

LGA remains at 19% four-days, ironically, CLT, the base which a few years ago fought for four-days,  is still sitting at 6%. There is just no rhyme or reason to this, or to virtually all of the company’s decisions.

The high number of three- and four-day trips drive higher reserve numbers. They are more difficult to cover with reserves, and often end up being broken up for coverage. These factors also play a huge role in rescheduling.

ANALYSIS (much of this information has not changed since last month)

  • Not enough turns. Not enough high-time turns.
  • Too many four-days.
  • Four-leg days are beginning to creep their way back in. Unacceptable.
  • Too much unproductive time in sequences. Too much sit time. APFA opposes the systemic use of sit time to create “reschedule fodder.”
  • SYD returning for JANUARY 2022.
  • HND – Japan has imposed restrictions on foreign inbound travelers. This could potentially delay the return to HND, which we all hoped would occur by MARCH 2022.
  • LHR – Second LHR anticipated by Summer 2022.
  • AKL/CHC – A return to NZ is based on a lifting of travel restrictions and aircraft availability.
  • 787 deliveries delayed by Boeing. Only one of an order or 13 has been delivered.
  • No word on SEA.


February 2022 Bidding Timelines

LAX Staffing Going Forward

The Company remains tight-lipped and unwilling to share with us even the most general information about LAX staffing going forward. I *SUPPOSEDLY* they are planning to release some sort of communication next week, but we have been hearing that since January 2021.

Meanwhile, the terminal expansion continues…

— A massive renovation for T4 is planned
— AA is planning on taking over all of T5
— AA’s use of the 4 preferential use gates at TBIT will continue
— A new headhouse linking T4 and T5 is under construction. This new headhouse will include crew lounge facilities; administrative offices; a consolidated ticketing lobby with access to both T4 and T5; and a connector between the two terminals effectively converting them into one.

AA’s physical footprint at LAX is going to grow yet when it comes to us, the company acts as if LAX is going to wither on the vine.

AA could easily grow the base back to previous levels by assigning a greater number of originators and terminators to the LAX flight attendant group as opposed to flight attendants from other bases flying through or laying over here.

2022-2023 Vacation

The Annual Vacation buyback process is now open. It will close on Friday, January 14th, at 1200 (CT).

In accordance with JCBA Section 8.F., Flight Attendants have the option to buyback a portion or all vacation days accrued during 2021 (carryover days are excluded). This includes the incentive vacation day earned for submitting vaccine verification by August 31, 2021. A minimum of 5.5% of the total annual base accrual will be offered for buyback. You do not need to be in an active status to participate in the annual vacation buyback.

Pay for annual vacation buyback will be as follows:

  • Buyback of 6 days or less will be paid out at 3:30 hours per day.
  • Buyback of 7 days or more will be paid out at 4:00 hours per day.
  • Vacation buyback days are not eligible for premium pay.
  • Pay is based on your applicable JCBA hourly rate at the time the annual buyback is paid out on the June 15, 2022 paycheck.

Awarded vacation buyback days will not be included in the annual vacation day matrix for the 2022-2023 bid, and you will not be able to bid for those days in the primary or secondary round of annual vacation bidding.

For those who received the additional vacation day, this additional day DOES NOT show on the VMS landing page.

The additional vacation day will show on the AVBA SUMMARY page. You may access the Annual Vacation Bid and Award (AVBA) via Crew Portal > Monthly Bids > Vacation > Annual > Summary > Annual Buyback.

Pandemic Leave

On Monday, December 27, 2021, the CDC issued a press release reducing the quarantine time from ten days to five days.

American’s pandemic policy remains 10 days in effect until they receive the FAA SAFO (Safety Alert for Operators) guidance for Flight Crew. We expect the update in early January. Until then, please utilize the current pandemic policy found on Jetnet using the link provided:

Aircraft Staffing

The staffing reductions made in 2020 under the premise of alleged TEMPORARY belt-tightening during the worst days of the Pandemic have created burdensome and onerous working conditions for our crews, especially on Premium services with full loads and a return of elaborate multi-course meal services. These staffing reductions…which the Company is NOW claiming are permanent…threaten the health and safety of crews, as well as creating untenable working conditions and poorer service to passengers.

The Company has admitted that they did not test a single meal service to see if it can be done by a reduced crew.

APFA is preparing for a Staffing Arbitration on the National level. Please send your reports to Larry Salas at [email protected].

Also, APFA has created a Staffing Levels Reporting Form so that Flight Attendants can share their concerns and feedback regarding the staffing and service levels. We encourage anyone who has experienced issues due to the reduction in staffing levels on the A321T, 777, or 787-9 to submit this form. This form is for data collection purposes only and will not generate a response from APFA.

Onboard Service

With the surge in cases due to the highly-contagious Omicron variant, the company pretends that we are in pre-Pandemic days, steadfastly refusing to roll back service levels in order to reduce flight attendant contact with passengers. Numerous requests by APFA to reduce service in accordance with the current threat have fallen on deaf ears thus far. Certainly, the responses I have received from the company to my own attempts to convince them of the need to reduce passenger contact points Indicate a level of disconnection on the part of management that is clearly unacceptable.

Alaska Airlines announced today…after initially dismissing concerns…to roll back services at least through the end of January. It’s a start.

Aircraft Cleaning Issues

The Company’s much promoted cleaning protocols are being rushed and, in some cases, largely ignored, due, in part, to excessively short turn times and apparent lack of quality control.

I worked an originating flight out of TPA last week where I discovered 5 rows of Coach seats covered in Coca-Cola. The cleaners had just been through. If contact surfaces are allegedly cleaned, how would 5 rows of seats covered in soda escape detection and cleaning?

I have gone to Management with my concerns.

LAX Parking Lot/World Way West

It appears that…finally…the roadway construction on World Way West is making some progress. The eastbound lanes appear to be opening up in sections. However, I do not know how much more they have planned for the westbound lanes.

I know that many of us will be happy to say goodbye to the ever-changing obstacle course leading to the employee parking lot.

LAX Employee Bus Schedule

I posted the latest LAX Employee Bus Schedule in a previous update but I think it would be helpful to post it again.

Non-Revving/LAX Employee Bus

PLEASE REMEMBER that when non-revving out of LAX and parking in the AA Employee Parking lot, you MUST:

-take the T4 bus to the terminal;
-ride the elevator to Level 2 Ticketing; and
-exit by the Ticket Counter.

You may then re-enter the sterile area by accessing KCM in any terminal.

Non-revs cannot take the T5; Gate 46 (Envoy) or Eagle bus.

This applies whenever you are non-revving EXCEPT when your name appears on a crew list, ie. deadheading or when going to training. If your name appears on the crew list, you may access the terminal(s) as if you are working crew.

Any questions, please contact your FSM.

Overhead Bins

I have asked the Company, and also engaged the assistance of the APFA Safety Department, to consider safety improvements with regard to overhead bins.

– 321 with NEO-style bins – I have requested that the company provision at least 3 bin closing tools on each aircraft.

– 777/787 – I have requested that the company install power assist on each overhead bin. The sheer weight of the bins on most 777/787 flights is a recipe for disaster, both in near-term injuries as well as in longer-term injuries due to repetitive damage. I shared with them that Delta installed power assist on its 767 bins which are just smaller versions of the 777/787 bins,

I am hopeful that these requests are acted upon without a battle.

London Forum Hotel Closing

JFK-Short Layover Hotel

There are three new full-service hotels either open, or opening, in the JFK area.

The first is open, but there are transportation issues. The last two were supposed to open 1Q22, but that has been pushed back due to COVID-related construction delays.

New Tablet

The highly-anticipated new tablets will be issued shortly but I do not have an exact date yet.


Scan the QR code below to join the LAX below to join the APFA HDQ Contract Team:


Another year down and time to post once again my CALIFORNIA SICK document.


The California State Disability system covers us as California workers should we be unable to work due to an illness, injury or maternity.. This is a document I put together to help you navigate the system should you need to use it.

Hope for a Better 2022 for All of Us

Although 2022 appears to have gotten off to a grim start, I am sending you my hope for a better 2022 for all of us.

My solemn wish is for safe travels, good health, and security for all of us. Safe travels.

In Solidarity,

John Nikides
APFA LAX Base President
[email protected]

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