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3.3.2022 – APFA PHL Base Brief: Thursday, March 3, 2022

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Welcome New Hires!

We will be welcoming new hire Flight Attendants around the system beginning next week through December. Eighty Flight Attendants from the first five classes of 2022 will join us in PHL. Class 22-06 has not started. Base indocs will occur every Monday, and they will be on duty and available to fly the following day. We have been advised they will be hiring through June. Below are the numbers thus far for PHL:

PHL Employee Parking

We are still hearing concerns about the Bartram employee lot. American Airlines does not own the employee lot- it is the responsibility of the airport authority. I continue to bring this to the attention of PHL station VP Lakshman Amaranayaka, who assures me they are doing all they can to work with the PHL parking authority.

The APFA National Safety Department has been made aware of what we are experiencing along with AA management in DFW. Every airport employee is affected by this problem- the lot is not exclusive to Flight Attendants or American Airlines.

Regardless of who is responsible for the lot, we should be provided with a high level of safety when we are coming to or leaving work.  If you experience an unsafe situation or vandalism, please report it to your manager and, while probably inconvenient, file a police report. Please copy me at

Meetings With Your Flight Service Manager

Please remember: if your FSM or AFSM reaches out for a meeting, you are entitled to representation. As soon as you are made aware of a meeting, please call for representation at 215-360-3115.

Disciplinary meetings resulting in advisories for failure to complete required WBTs, customer complaint letters, late to the gate, delays charged to Flight Attendant, etc., are on the rise. All disciplinary letters, including those issued by your Attendance Flight Service Manager (AFSM), stay on your work record for twelve active months.

Contract ACTION Team

Join as an Activist for the Contract ACTION Team by signing up here, or by using this QR code:

In Solidarity,
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