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4.04.22 – APFA MIA Base Brief – May 2022 Staffing and Allocations

Monday, April 4, 2022

May 2022 Staffing and Allocations


For May the block hours increased 2.6% from the previous month, and we are still down 30.5% from pre-COVID levels. Total headcount increased to 3,027 up 52 heads from April. Some factors that will impact frequencies include a schedule change May 5th, the Kentucky Derby (May 5-8), Indianapolis 500 (May 26-30), and Memorial Day Weekend (May 28-31).

The planned Reserve percentage is 19.9%, with 572 required heads. This represents a 1.4% increase from last month, and a 4% increase from pre-COVID metrics used in May 2019. I challenged the Company once again as to why they continue to ignore realistic historical data when determining Reserve percentages. They attribute the increase to a higher absentee rate leading up to May, rather than solid historical data. I spoke with APFA President Julie Hedrick regarding these unrealistic percentages, and she will be addressing this with the Company in an effort to lower the number of Reserves needed for May.

The transfer list has been cleared for both May and June. Aside from many newer employees on those lists, 13 new hires out of training will be reporting to Miami on May 2nd. The Company is planning to hire an additional six classes this year which will include 500 new Flight Attendants. I was told that we can expect to continue to receive new hires out of training in the coming months. Please make them feel welcome as they come on the line.

Flying in May will not change much from April. The trend for less wide-body flying in the Domestic operation will continue. The forecast for June through the end of August will remain constant with no planned increases in IPD flying.

We should see a decrease in the amount of sit time as we will see more co-pairing with the Pilots. There will not be any layovers under 11 hours, and a very small percentage below 12 hours. The Company will continue to construct sequences in accordance with the new 10-hour minimum rest FAR. Until the FAR is implemented by the FAA, sequences can still be reduced below 10 hours in actual operations.

With the change in departure times, the Company did not agree to build any Rockets in May aside from two sequences on May 2nd and 3rd. The minimum layover threshold the Company wants to maintain is 13 hours. Going below 13 hours reduces the operational buffer and the Company is not willing to take that risk. This could not be achieved in the May schedule, but under review going forward. There is also additional pressure from Network Planning due to dependability concerns.

Wide-body Domestic layovers include PHL, DFW and JFK. PHL and DFW will have 30-hour layovers and operate daily as a 1 leg/1 leg. JFK will operate daily with HAV on the front end.

IPD flying for May:

  • BCN daily (777-200)
  • MAD daily (787-900)
  • LHR daily (777-300)
  • GIG daily (787-800)
  • GRU 2 daily (777-300, 777-200)
  • EZE daily (787-800)
  • TLV Wed, Fri, Sun (777-200)

Wide-body turns:

  • LAX daily (787-800)

Narrow-body daily NIPD turns:


Narrow-body DOM turns:


Block hours and trip compositions:

  • Total block hours for May 2022: 170,921
  • MIA: 157,959
  • FLL: 5,723
  • PBI: 2,880
  • MCO: 2,451
  • ATL: 1,908

In Solidarity,

Randy Trautman
APFA MIA Base President

Heidi Morgan
APFA MIA Base Vice President

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