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4.10.22 – APFA DCA Base Brief – May 2022 Staffing and Allocations

Sunday, April 10, 2022

May 2022 Staffing and Allocations

When PBS processing begins, if additional Lineholders are needed, those with Reserve status will be changed to Lineholder status in the following order:

  1. Tentative Flight Attendants who were involuntarily moved to Reserve status.
  2. Reserve Flight Attendants who toggled to Pref LH in the LRD who were unable to hold Lineholder status in LRD.
  3. Most junior Reserve Flight Attendants involuntarily moved to Lineholder status after all the above have been utilized.



If you are in one of these 3 categories above, you will want to bid
7 layers of Reserve and 7 layers of Lineholder in PBS

  • DCA: 32,393 flying hours. (+209 month -over month)
  • IAD: 2,443 (+146)
  • BWI: 2439 (-29)
  • 37,275 Total Flying Hours. (DCA, IAD, BWI) (+326)


May is scheduled for 20 new hire Flight attendants joining our base. They are included in the Reserve headcount above, but only 8 participated in the LRD. The remaining 12 will be assigned a Reserve schedule since they will be graduating after May PBS has processed.
DCA May Reserve Seniority begins at system seniority number 21,959 with an OCC date of
April 30, 2018.

We will have 22 Spanish Speaker designated NIPD sequences out of DCA.

Please Bid accordingly if you hold a Spanish language qualification and would like to be considered for these sequences.

Destinations Requiring COVID Vaccinations

If you did not submit proof of vaccination, you may not bid these destinations in PBS as they now require crew members to be vaccinated to enter or stay at the hotel. You will only be awarded/assigned the destinations below if you submitted proof of full vaccination
If you do have a vaccination card, please carry the actual card with you at all times.

*Canadian destinations have additional restrictions that should be reviewed before bidding

Events and Holidays in the month of May:

  • Kentucky Derby: May 7
  • Mother’s Day: May 8
  • Memorial Day: May 30


Final Notes for the DCA Base:

  • Overall increase in block hours for co-terminal flying
  • 644 total combined sequences
  • 4 ODAN sequences (2 BOS/2 RDU) operating 24 days each
  • PHX Redeye operating 30 days
  • Honor/Charter flights (flight numbers starting with 9) sequences 12686, 12699
  • YYZ sequences operating from all 3 co-terminals with COVID and DUI restrictions
  • NIPD RON have decreased with more turns to these destinations
  • New NIPD destinations:  CUU, HAV, MZT, RTB, SAP, STI
  • Scheduled sit times over 3 hours continue to decrease.
  • RON times increased slightly
  • FAA Minimum rest of 10 hours has NOT started yet, but we are anticipating this to start in the next few months
  • Slight increase in 1- day trips and slight decrease in 4-day trips
  • 2/3 trips remain the same


May 2022 Bidding Timelines

May 2022 – Reserve System Seniority

Be kind and understanding of each other!

In Solidarity,

John Pennel
APFA DCA Base President

Dianne Britton
APFA DCA Base Vice President

Lisa Barnes
APFA DCA Base Council Representative – Allocations

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