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4.16.22 – APFA DCA Base Brief – Saturday, April 16, 2022

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Hello Washington-based Flight Attendants,

Let’s start with the huge Elephant in the room: Poor Trip Construction, Lengthy Sit Times, and the dreaded Daily and Monthly Max restrictions.

On the third day of each month, your Base Leaders and APFA Representatives meet with the Company for the Staffing and Allocations calls. These calls aim to relay your frustrations with the lack of movement or improvements in these areas.

It’s a classic “Chicken or the Egg” mentality, especially to the Flight Attendants who have seen a continual decline in their scheduling flexibilities previously afforded us for decades.

We have been advocating to see change with the lack of movement with the Trip Trade System (TTS) and the Unsuccessful Bidders List (UBL). Management recently agreed to allow less constraints and more ability to trade and drop using a floating 3.0% limit on certain days. We look for this to continue into May and the upcoming summer months.

Q1: Why are Trips still being built with such lengthy and fatigue-inducing Sit Times?

A1: Bottom line. It’s cheaper. Yes, we all want to ensure an On-Time Operations but not at the expense of our Crews.
Q2: Will the FAA Imposed 10-Hour Minimum Rest Improve Trip Construction?

A2: Let’s hope so! The Company stated they were already using 11 hours and that overnight layover time “had improved overall” but have yet to see the breakdown per Base, especially if they are grading on a curve.


Q3: Is DCA being considered for Co-Flying with the Pilots?

A3: The Company has initially restarted this concept with the larger Bases to improve delays and minimize aircraft swaps, which we agree overall is preferred and beneficial. DCA is included in Co-Flying when flying in downline cities such as DFW and MIA.


Q4. If we elect to use Biz Hero to secure our Hotels and Transportation during Irregular Operations, do we waive our FAR and Contractual Legalities?

A4: No. If you are in a situation where you feel that is occurring, please continue to reach out to us to follow up with Scheduling and the Company.


Q5: Is there a way to have more transparency within Reserve Open Time (ROTA) and other Pay and Scheduling Systems?

A5: Yes. We agree that there is no downside and Flight Attendants feel more secure when they can track what is triggering Open Time restrictions or who is next up to be called for a Trip, for example.

Rather than us chastising us for “pounding ice during boarding” (which is often due to late-arriving catering anyway), let’s continue to push for overall quality of life improvements collectively.

We must not forget what Flight Attendants have endured since this 2020 Pandemic, as the thousands of Corporate Event Reporting Systems (CERS) substantiate, and the challenges we are still encountering as Frontline Safety Professionals.

Welcome New Hire Flight Attendants to DCA!

Let us help our newest members feel at home. We all know how overwhelming it can be to acclimate to the everchanging life of a Flight Attendant, especially during the Probationary Period.

Contract Negotiations and Contract ACTION Team

Want to voice your opinion and follow Contract Negotiations as each section is discussed? Just click on the QR Code link below. You may also write directly to the APFA Negotiations Team at Get the most up to date information regarding contract negotiations by going to

The Contract Action Team is another great way to stay on track and eradicate the rumor mill and misinformation that often accompany Negotiations.

Before signing off, we would like to personally thank DCA Contract Action Team (CAT) Liaison Dylan Shaw, and all the CAT volunteers during February’s Badge Backer Blitzes. Many Flight Attendants enjoyed having this Peer to Peer event. Stay tuned for many more opportunities ahead!

Professional Standards/EAP/WINGS/UNICEF

In addition to our Professional Standards and Employee Assistance Team we also have local WINGS and UNICEF Volunteer Representatives.

Professional Standards (PS)
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

WINGS Foundation


Thank You

Before signing off, John and I would like to thank DCA Base Manager Gail Mosko and Flight Service Manager Jaime Webb for working with us on behalf of the Flight Attendants and wish them well on their new ventures ahead.

Thank you for taking the time to read this base brief.

In Solidarity,

Your APFA DCA Base Officers

John Pennel
APFA DCA Base President

Dianne Britton
APFA DCA Base Vice President

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