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5.11.22 – APFA BOS Base Brief – LHR Hotel Update

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

LHR Hotel Update

All layover markets, domestically and internationally, are of great interest and importance to the APFA and the APFA Hotel Department. Over the past five months, the APFA Hotel Department has received an influx and variety of feedback as it pertains to the LHR layover market, its hotel allocations, and transportation.

The APFA Hotel Department has traveled to LHR twice to conduct a market, hotel, and transportation review/inspection since the closure of a long existing LHR crew hotel. The data acquired from the LHR hotel survey and the feedback from the APFA Hotel and Transportation Feedback Form has greatly assisted the hotel department in navigating this challenging and cumbersome international layover market.

Since the start of the pandemic, the hotel industry has faced many obstacles and challenges. As a result, hotels are not able/willing to house a large amount of crew business. Historically, our flight attendants have stayed at one of two properties in LHR. Today, our flight attendants are currently staying at six long LHR hotels.

Next month, the APFA Hotel Department anticipates additional changes to the LHR hotel allocations. We foresee a LHR long hotel change for BOS.

The APFA Hotel Department anticipates LHR hotel allocations to remain fluid, as six LHR long crew hotels are challenging and impactful to the operation. Thank you for continuing to submit hotel and transportation feedback at

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