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6.06.22 – APFA ORD Base Brief – July 2022 Staffing and Allocations

Monday, June 6, 2022

APFA ORD Base Brief

Happy July, Chicago! The July Staffing and Allocation calls were held last week. It is going to be a very busy summer in Chicago! The number of new hires that are being sent directly to ORD has slowed and we continue to ask for more new hires to be sent here. Even with monthly transfers, our headcount is basically stagnant. The allocations and staffing calls were filled with the same rationale as other months. The Company believes we are adequately staffed for the summer, and does not see the correlation between trip construction, high line averages and high Reserve utilization. Base and system jobs hours decreased month over month. Unfortunately, that did not drive a lower line average.


The systemwide Reserve percentage is 23.5%. ORD Reserve is slightly lower than the system: 497 Reserves at 23.0%, but +7 month over month.

We believe this Reserve number is much higher than necessary. If we had fewer Reserves, it would help lower the line average, which in turn allows more flexibility and wiggle room for Lineholders; therefore reducing the reliance on Reserves. The Company disagrees.

As with every month, the Company continues to cite the absenteeism rate when setting the Reserve percentages.

The expected line average at PBS open is 83.0. The systemwide average is 82.00. July is NOT a Flex month like June. The PBS target credit range will be the standard 70 – 90 hours.


July has flying similar to June. The return of our IPD flying brings back some relief to the types of trips people can fly. The layover times continue to be built with a minimum of 11 hours, in an effort to prepare for the implementation of the FAA 10-hour minimum rest. This change has a direct impact on sequence length as we continue to see a big spike in 3-day sequences.

We continue to ask for an increase in turns, but stressed the 4-leg turns are not what we are looking for.

The number of 4-days remains consistent. We always request them to be built commutable on both ends.

The number of trips with sit-times exceeding 3 hours has decreased slightly. The lack of productive time is a point of contention for most bases.

The number of ODANs is slightly lower next month, July has 14.3 starts per day vs June with 17.9 starts per day.

Important Dates

Remember, July 1 through July 7 is considered a “critical period” in the Flight Attendant Attendance and Performance Program. Please keep these dates in mind when bidding. This means that if you have no chargeable absences during this period, you will be eligible to receive an incentive credit to be used to reduce future attendance occurrences. If you do have a chargeable absence between July 1 through July 7, this could trigger an additional attendance point.

If you have any questions regarding the critical period, please review the Flight Attendant Attendance and Performance Program or reach out to your Attendance Flight Service Manage (AFSM).

Trip Construction

PBS Preliminary Manning Plan

Please be kind to one another! Stay safe.

In Solidarity,

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